Top 10 beaches in the Philippines from THTPH

DISCLAIMER: Here are our top 10 beaches that we’ve been to…so far!

Philippines is one of the countries in the world that is blessed to have beautiful beaches. No wonder why tourists are keep on coming here just to visit and experience the beaches in the Philippines.

But now that there is a current pandemic happening in the world, which is COVID-19, the tourism here in the country, as well in other countries, are in danger.

But since it’s summer already in the Philippines and all of us are in our homes, let us share to you our top 10 beaches here in the Philippines that we’ve been to (in no particular order).


Location: Malay, Aklan

beaches in the philippines

Who doesn’t love the white beach in Boracay? Just a fan fact, been here three times already yet I still want to go back! Super love the sunset and the fine white sand.


Location: Jomalig, Quezon

beaches in the philippines

Swear, the 6-hr boat ride is definitely worth it! Been here two times already and still want to go back despite the long boat ride. Plus, the golden sand and the sunset are so beautiful.



Location: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

beaches in the philippines

The first time I’ve been here was 2012, not sure but it’s for school purposes AKA “Lakbay Aral”. The second time was 2015, it was a family trip. This is also known as “Boracay of the North”. Why not?


Location: Panglao, Bohol

beaches in the philippines

Been here in 2016. My first sandbar experience! This is one of the destination if you avail an island hopping tour in Bohol.


Location: Jomalig, Quezon

beaches in the philippines

My second favorite beach in Jomalig! I really have this thing on white sand beaches. It relaxes me everytime I see one.



Location: Jomalig, Quezon

beaches in the philippines

My 3rd favorite beach in Jomalig. The road going here is a little bit tough because it’s under construction but once you get here, you’ll be amaze on its rock formation.



Location: Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte

beaches in the philippines

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a long stay here because it suddenly rain in the middle of our visit.



Location: Culasi, Antique

beaches in the philippines

My second sand bar experience! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to swim here but will definitely visit again here to experience it!



Location: San Antonio, Zambales

beaches in the philippines

We had a short time here but enjoyed taking pictures here because the beach and rock formations here are lit! This is one of the destination if you avail an island hopping tour.


Location: Dasol, Pangasinan

beaches in the philippines
Photo not mine

This is one of the destination if you avail an island hopping tour. Love the rock formations here and also the sand and beach.


17 Replies to “Top 10 beaches in the Philippines from THTPH”

  1. Panglao at boracay lang narating ko!! Ill try my best to visit the other beaches in the future!

  2. From the beaches you mentioned above, I am only familiar with Boracay but it was long ago the last time I visited the place for sure they already change and added new features. I wanted to visit Pagudpod hopefully next year and will surely make the most out of that trip:)

  3. I went to Bora twice but there were too many tourists. I will always prefer virgin beaches but I will give Jomalig a try. ❀

  4. Panglao Beach is the only beach I have gone on this list. Little Boracay and Pangasinan also looks lovely! Miss the beach, have to go sneak this weekend to the nearest in my place.

  5. Such picturesque beaches! I’m not a great swimmer, but love going to beaches because of how calming they can be for the senses. Thank to this article, I have a beach bucket list now.

  6. I realized we still have many beaches to visit. Haven’t been to any of the island on the list huhuhu so far we went only to Catanduanes at Anawangin Zambales

  7. Most of these beaches sound new to me especially Jomalig Island! Never heard of it but it sure does look interesting! Looks like batanes indeed! 😍 How I wish it’s safe to travel already! I want to go to the beach πŸ–

  8. It’s a yes to the Saud Beach! My family do not usually visit beaches every summer because my parents like eating out more. But now that I am older, surely they allow me to travel to all the beaches in my bucketlist. Can’t wait!

  9. The Virgin Island in Panglao is indeed gorgeous but I don’t felt much the vibes because of too many tourists. I want somewhere that is less crowded.

  10. Grabe 0/10 ako here, but I’ve been to a lot of beaches in the Philipiines already. And I guess this list of yours will soon be included to my go-tos. Thankyouuu

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