The Tapsishop: Home of Kingsilog

Filipinos love eating food, no doubt with that. Especially when you put twists on it, right? Last Saturday, we went on a Tapsishop along Quezon Avenue. But let me share why this tapsishop is different from the others.

tapsishop quezon avenue


This food establishment serves Filipino all time favorites, which is Silog (sinangag at itlog) and grilled products. It’s basically popular in Rizal but now making noise in Manila up to date. All the ideas came from the owner himself, Paul Allan Cruz. But this branch was franchised by young entrepreneurs, Jimmy Miranda and Lan Comia.

tapsishop quezon avenue

Their Kingsilog is the best seller here. It includes 2 cups of rice, 2 fried eggs, 1 serving of tapa, and in addition, the customer can choose 2 more dishes to complete the Kingsilog.

tapsishop quezon avenue

Their new branch is located along Quezon Avenue and EDSA. Its location is very strategic because many people are passing by in the area.

tapsishop quezon avenue
Slow down: Kingsilog Zone

This branch can accommodate 30-40 people inside. Its ventilation is quite okay because its open.

tapsishop quezon avenue

Wondering how much is the food here? Check out their menu here! So affordable!

tapsishop quezon avenue

Now, let’s go to the food. Here’s what we got.

Feasting time!!!

We got all their combo meals which we found it cheap yet so good! Sulit talaga!

KingSiLog (143 php)

2 cups of rice

2 fried eggs

1 serving of tapa

2 additional dishes: BBQ and Pork Shanghai

tapsishop quezon avenue

Seriously, their tapa was good! It’s not salty, it’s actually sweet. That is tapa we know, right? The BBQ and Shanghai were also good. Such a steal for 143 php!


2 cups of rice

2 fried eggs

1 serving of tapa

2 additional dishes: PuSisig (Pusit with Sisig) and Lechon Kawali

tapsishop quezon avenue

This combo meal is funny because of its name. I loved the owner’s creativity. But seriously tho, their PuSisig is out of this world! I never thought this combo would be possible. It’s actually good! Their Lechon Kawali was still crispy after few minutes it was served to us!

QueenSeaLog (143 php)

2 cups of rice

2 scrambled eggs


Buttered Tahong


tapsishop quezon avenue

Their Bangus has breading so it doen’t look like one at first sight. Hehe. I liked their Calamares, by the way!

For the drinks, we had blue lemonade and cucumber juice to freshen up us after the feast!

tapsishop quezon avenue
Blue Lemonade Juice
Cucumber Juice

They also have a challenge inside! Might you’re interested! Come join! LOL.

KingSiLog Challenge


Food – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Price – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Service – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ambiance – ⭐⭐⭐

Location – ⭐⭐⭐

tapsishop quezon avenue
With one of the owners of Tapsishop Quezon Avenue branch

If you’re looking for affordable and unique filipino food, dine here! Swear, the food were unique and creative. And for its price, it’s definitely a steal!!! I hope they will just improve their plating to make the food more appetizing. Hehe.

Contact Number:

Mobile: 09278656881

Landline: (02) 7391345

Operating Hours:

24 hours, Monday to Saturday


Unit 1A, Ground floor, Quedsa Plaza, Quezon Avenue cor. EDSA

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: The TapsiShop Quezon Avenue

Instagram: @the_tapsishop

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