Lola Nena’s and Mix-Up Breadhaus: The battle of classic Filipino donuts

These two donuts have been circulating on my feed for a long time now. And being the curious food blogger, I finally gave in and tried the two trending classic Filipino donuts.

battle of classic filipino donuts

So let’s talk about the trending Lola Nena’s and Mix-up Breadhaus. Both originally from the Philippines so we can say their donuts are Filipino classics, like the ones that we bought in a bakery.


Lola Nena’s: shoe-box type, rectangular size

Mix-Up Breadhaus: square box

battle of classic filipino donuts


Lola Nena’s: Triple Cheese Donuts (also available in classic)

Mix-Up Breadhaus: Milky Cheese Donuts


Lola Nena’s: 200 php per box | 8 pcs in each box

Mix-Up Breadhaus: 220 php per box | 20 pcs in each box


Lola Nena’s: Bought it in their Commonwealth branch; you can also pre-order online

Mix-Up Breadhaus: Got it from J&M Your Food Shoppe; they deliver around Metro Manila and CALABARZON


Lola Nena’s: Best eaten when hot to feel the melted cheese; there’s “umay” factor when eaten cold because the cheese will turn into a block of cheese; coated in sugar

Mix-Up Breadhaus: Small amount of cheese inside; the bread is tough when eaten cold (consume immediately); coated in powdered milk


  • Both are definitely good. Best paired with coffee!
  • Brings back the good old memories of our classic donuts from the bakery.
  • Both are messy to eat (sugar for Lola Nena’s and powdered milk for Mix-Up Breadhaus).
  • Price-wise, will definitely go for Mix-Up Breadhaus, for only 220 php, you can get 20 pcs donuts.
  • If you’re a cheese lover, go for Lola Nena’s.

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