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Affordable set meals from Taste of Joy

Since we are now on season 3 of ECQ here in the Philippines, that means we can’t still go out and dine-in in our favorite restaurants like before.

Glad to know that Taste of Joy exists and delivers affordable set meals perfect for parties at the comfort of our own home.


Taste of Joy has been in the food industry since 1993! We’re not that familiar with them because the branches they have are located mostly in South areas.

But now, they are covering all parts here in Metro Manila for deliveries so they are now starting to make noise here in the North area.


taste of joy

One of the promo bundles in Taste of Joy is their BTS meal. BTS stands for “Big Team Special” and is good for 4 to 6 persons already. The price for this promo bundle is 675 PHP. BTS meal includes the following:

  • 1 extra small bilao of spaghetti
  • 10 pcs of lumpiang shanghai
  • 5 pcs of pork BBQ
  • 10 pcs of pichi pichi with cheese
  • 1.5 L of softdrinks


taste of joy

The BFF meal is one of their newest promo bundle in Taste of Joy. BFF stands for “Big Family Foodtrip” and is good for 4 persons. The price for this promo bundle is 859 PHP. BFF meal includes the following:

  • 1 extra small bilao of chapchae
  • 4 pcs of pork BBQ
  • 4 pcs of fried chicken
  • 4 pcs of rice
  • 8 pcs of pichi pichi with cheese
  • 1.5 L of softdrinks

Our personal favorite is their Chapchae! Imagine eating a “bilao” of Chapchae! So good and it has a lot of toppings. We also want to commend their Pork BBQ because the meat was still tender after few hours of taking pictures.

Overall, all the food we tasted were delicious. We recommend you guys to try these promo bundles from Taste of Joy. Good food, affordable promo bundles, and much safer because they deliver straight to your homes.


Facebook: Taste of Joy

Instagram: @tasteofjoy.ph

Website: www.toj.com.ph

Landline: 287772222


  1. The name itself will definitely attract you to check them out. We’ll surely look into their menu because we love trying out different Filipino food suppliers.

  2. Medyo natakam ako sa chapchae nila ah and grabe yung bts meal, napabasa uli ako! Hahahahaha witty nila don!

  3. for real! ang mura!!! bet ko yung bff meal, yung may chapchae. kaso tiningnan ko ang branches wala nganga ako walang malapit sa pasig. sana magkaron!! ang sulit ng meal package eh

  4. ang catchy ng pangalan ng meals. i was surprised to see BTS meal pero the store naman has its own meaning pala. great way to attract customers!

  5. I think I will have the BTS meal. It’s enticing. Good choice of name. Very popular na bts ngaun. MArami sila maatract na customers

  6. Gagi ang sarap nung spaghetti at barbecue :'( AND THE LUMPIA! OMG! You can make food really look nakakatakam lalo sa mga photos mo. I have to commend the name of the meals hahaha

  7. Oh, we’ve tried Taste of Joy before, though those meal packages weren’t introduced yet then. We had a friend who told us about it because she likes ordering barbecue from them.

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