Angel’s Pizza BGC is now open!

angels pizza

The Metro has many pizzas to offer, yet not all stand out like how the Angel’s Pizza steps up their game (maybe because of their wings, pun alert).

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Planning to share its flavor with every customer, a new branch has come to its fruition last April 30, 2022. It is located at the ground floor of Avida Cityflex Tower, Bonifacio Global City beside Kanto Freestyle and near Lexus and ready to satisfy our cravings.

Their menu includes classic flavors that no one can resist. Here are some of the food we had during our visit.

Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza

angels pizza

The pizza made its name viral through the creaminess of the cheese and the blend of the spinach, which surely makes you want more. Don’t forget to spread the spinach okay?

Overload Pizza

angels pizza

Truly a classic on its generous toppings which includes ground beef, bell peppers, and olives. The harmonious mix of its topping makes it a go-to-pick because of its flavor combination bursting in your mouth.

Carbonara Pasta

A creamy offer filled with tuna flakes and mushrooms. Its sweet and salty taste plus the aldentΓ© pasta gives a nice overall taste.

Bolognese Pasta

An Italian penne type pasta which goes with its tomato-based sauce, with its balance of sweet and sour taste, its definitely a must try.

Buffalo Wings

We’ve tasted 2 different flavors of Angel’s Pizza wings. The garlic parmesan has a nice balance of the 1-2 punch brought by the strong taste of garlic and the saltiness of parmesan, which offers a nice combo with the crunchy chicken on the outside and tender white meat on the inside. Meanwhile, the buffalo flavor has its own distinctive taste, with its mildly sweet and salty taste. A simple but enticing to the eye for those who are chicken dish lovers. It also comes with different dips you should try.

Did you know that when you avail of their APC card that cost 299 PHP, you can also avail of the Buy 1 Take 1 pizza! Make sure to visit their place so you can taste food, heaven sent!

Mixedstone Steak & Wings: Affordable steak and wings in Sampaloc, Manila

mixedstone steak & wings

What’s up, guys?! We found a new restaurant near U-belt and I’m pretty sure students we’ll be happy to know more about this place. Aside from the good quality of food, it’s also budget-friendly especially for students near the area.

mixedstone steak & wings

Are you studying at UE (University of the East)? Then I bet you already knew about this place! Mixedstone Steak & Wings opened last January, 2010. It is owned by Khaori and Inand. Ms. Kiray Celis is also one of the owner.

mixedstone steak & wings

Are you familiar with Iron Pan and Chicks & Fins? This two restaurants is also managed by them. Since Iron Pan has best selling steaks and Chicks & Fins has best selling wings, they combined it and poof! Mixedstone Steak & Wings is made!

mixedstone steak & wings

I swear, the food here are so good! I can’t believe that the price is really cheap for its taste. You better try this now. Also, they are practicing straw-less community. Just bring your metal straw if you dine here.

mixedstone steak & wings

Their best-selling T-Bone Steak is available for only 109 php! Are you craving now!?

mixedstone steak & wings
T-Bone Steak (109 php)

Aside from it, they also have Rib Eye Steak and Porterhouse Steak. You choose! All of the steaks are really good. The steak was well done. Be sure to eat so the meat will not be tough. The sauce also blends with the steak. I guess it was the Peppercorn Sauce.

  • mixedstone steak & wings
  • mixedstone steak & wings
  • mixedstone steak & wings
  • mixedstone steak & wings

Not a fan of steak? How about wings?! You have 10 flavors to choose from. 3-pcs of wings plus rice is only for 89 php!

The wings are yummy too! Our favorite was the Soy Garlic. But if you’re into spicy, try their Classic Buffalo for that extra kick! Their Wings in a Basket comes in 5 pcs (130 php), 8 pcs (208 php), 10 pcs (260 php), 15 pcs (390 php), and 20 pcs (519 php).

  • mixedstone steak & wings
  • mixedstone steak & wings
  • mixedstone steak & wings
  • mixedstone steak & wings
  • mixedstone steak & wings

Sizzling Sisig is also available here. For only 99 php, you can taste their Sisig that’s one of a kind.

mixedstone steak & wings
Sizzling Sisig (99 php)

And the crowd favorite! They also have Sizzling Nato here that’s for only 89 php. Surprisingly really good! Not a fan of veggies but this one is an exception! MUST TRY!

mixedstone steak & wings
Sizzling Nato (89 php)

GOOD NEWS! They are available now via Grab Food and Foodpanda Delivery.


Food – β­β­β­β­β­

Price – β­β­β­β­β­

Service – β­β­β­β­

Ambiance – β­β­β­β­

Location – β­β­β­β­β­

mixedstone steak & wings

Me and my friends really enjoyed dining here. The food is really good. No doubt. This is a must-visit restaurant. Go try their steaks and wings! The Sizzling Nato is my recommended dish. In 2 months time, they will add milk tea in their menu so watch out and stay tuned!


Mobile: 09159309911



10:30 AM-9:00 PM, Monday to Saturday

Closed every Sunday


584 Gastambide St., Sampaloc, Manila


Facebook: Mixedstone Steak & Wings

Instagram: @mixedstone

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