Mountain Quest: Our ATV adventure experience

mountain quest

Seeking for thrill and adrenaline rush? Go to Mountain Quest!

mountain quest

Want to quench your thirst for adventure? Mountain Quest has a complete package of ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike, and 4×4 experience for you to enjoy.

Located at Purok 1, Sapinit Road, Antipolo City, Mountain Quest has different courses that serve a good adventure. But before you ride a vehicle, they will be providing you with some safety gear that you will be needing: helmets and knee and elbow pads.

Also, there will be a short briefing on how to use the vehicles and the house rules of Mountain Quest for everyone’s safety. After the necessary preparations, we tried the ATV and UTV at their Jungle course that gives adrenaline thru its rocky and muddy road. Expect to be splashed by water and mud as you experience a wild ride into the nature of Antipolo. We tried their Jungle Course, which is good for 2 hours.

After the exciting ride filled with unexpected sightings and experiences, we also tried the 4×4 that was driven by their staff and told stories about what Antipolo has to offer. Indeed a nice way to appreciate nature. Along the road with trees and a generous blue sky that day, we also saw the famous Mt. Pamitinan.

At the end of the course is a river that leads to Montalban’s famous Wawa Dam. There are nipa huts (200 PHP per hut) that can be used for picnics and a place where you can rest after a long ride and swim on the river. It is best enjoyed with friends.


  • Before going to the course, you will drive the ATV to the main road along with big trucks and private vehicles, so be careful and never miss an eye on your guide!
  • They have a washroom so don’t mind the mud and dirt, what’s important is that you enjoyed it.
  • There’s an eatery beside Mountain Quest that serves delicious Filipino food!
mountain quest
  • There’s no signal in the area but they have wifi connection in Mountain Quest.


  • Extra shirts and shorts
  • Jacket for protection from the sun
  • Tumbler
  • Trekking shoes/sandals
  • Towel and toiletries


  • Short Course: 1-2 hours; minimum of 4 pax; 1,500 PHP/pax
  • Jungle Course: 2-3 hours; minimum of 2 pax; 2,500 PHP/pax
  • River Course: 3-4 hours; minimum of 2 pax; 3,500 PHP/pax
  • Adventure Course: 5-6 hours; minimum of 2 pax; 5,500 PHP/pax
  • A whole day course with free lunch and snacks; minimum of 3 pax; 6,500 PHP/pax
  • UTV & 4×4 Tour Packages available upon inquiry
  • Dirt Bike Rental & Lesson from a professional off-rider 1,500-8,000 PHP/pax


Visit their website at


Via public transportation:

From Cubao, ride a jeep or a minibus going to Cogeo. Alight at Puregold or just tell the driver to drop you at “Sakayan ng Paenaan.” From there, ride a jeepney that’s routed to Paenaan and alight at Antipolo Hospital System, where a tricycle terminal (Pasabitoda) is located. Ride the tricycle and tell the driver to drop you at Mountain Quest or Pintong Bukawe Junction. A total of 2 hours of time travel (disregarding traffic jams)

Fare rates:

  • Minibus going to Puregold – 33 PHP/head
  • Jeepney going to Antipolo hospital – 25 PHP/head
  • Tricycle to Mountain Quest- 50 PHP per tricycle

Via private transportation:

Search “Mountain Quest” on Waze and Google Maps.

If you’re wanting to try something adventurous that’s within reach. Go to Mountain Quest and enjoy what nature has in store for you!


Phone: 09778433142 | 09274719028



Facebook: Mountain Quest – ATV & Dirtbike Tours

Instagram: @mountainquestph

TikTok: @mountainquestph