Premier the Samgyupsal now in Malolos, Bulacan

premier the samgyupsal

Samgyupsal is all around town and we’ve found another gem in Malolos, Bulacan.

premier the samgyupsal

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Premier the Samgyupsal got its prestige from the quality of food and service. From its first branch in Tomas Morato now bringing good services to Malolos, Bulacan.

Known for its premium and quality serving of meat and side dishes, which includes marinated pork, beef, and chicken that adds more flavor to its good smokey taste.

Another good thing since it’s a buffet set-up, you can go to their food counter and take as many side dishes as you can. It includes Korean fried chicken, japchae, fishcake, kimchi, and many more!

Not only that, they also have a shabu-shabu set for everyone to enjoy. Especially for a rainy season like now, a shabu-shabu is truly perfect comfort food.

With its complete set of seafood and meat, with kani and sotanghon noodles and veggies pouring into a boiling savory broth, truly an awesome way to experience a flavorful self-made soup.

premier the samgyupsal

Want to try this amazing combination? Premier the Samgyupsal is located at Kapitolyo, Malolos, Bulacan. You can search Yellow Cab Capitol Malolos as the landmark.

They offer the following promos so you don’t wanna miss out:

UNLI MIX BBQ ONLY (regular price is 688 PHP)

  • 598 PHP – all-day promo
  • 548 PHP – lunch promo
  • 550 PHP – for senior

UNLI MIX BBQ AND SHABU-SHABU (regular price is 850 PHP)

  • 698 PHP – all-day promo
  • 680 PHP – for senior

They are open from 11AM to 11PM daily. For now, they only accept cash for payment. So what are you waiting for?! Visit them now!

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