Tales of Illumina: Newly opened interactive art installation in QC

tales of illumina

TALES OF ILLUMINA has officially arrived in the Philippines and it will officially open its doors to the public on December 01, 2021.

Mystified to give kids, tweens, teenagers, and even adults a whole new encounter, this enchanting world offers both OPULENT and DAZZLING magical-themed experience, where everyone would go crazy about it. Tales of Illumina is a 45,000-square feet themed park that offers original stories inspired in our very own chambers of Philippine mythology.

Online Rate: 799 PHP
Walk-In Rate: 899 PHP

Prepare to be amazed with over 36 WORLD-CLASS ART INSTALLATIONS that will make you feel that you have visited another dimension. You will get to meet a lot of creatures as you go for an adventure in exploring the magical and whimsical world of Tales of Illumina. Then, get ready to be mesmerized as you get to engage in our multi-sensory interactive spots inside this enchanting world.

Imagine the unimaginable—come across a talking tree, soar with an enchanted bird, and even narrate your own legendary love story. Be among the giant flowers and unleash your creativity in music and art with our whimsical paths.

The Tales of Illumina is a wall-to-wall illuminated attraction that will keep you guessing what’s next to come. Not only will your social accounts be fed with good and amazing photos and stories, but so will your eyes and heart! Enjoy every minute of your journey as you pass through different realms that hold different parts of your fantasy. Anyone who seeks adventure and can’t wait to feast their eyes for something totally different – prepare to be mesmerized and captivated— the Tales of Illumina will surely keep your phones and cameras busy!

Get ready to discover a new and exciting world in Tales of Illumina! Watch our virtual tour here:

Lakbay Museo PH is back with a twist!

The long wait is over!

LAKBAY MUSEO PH, the first-ever interactive millennial museum in the country, officially re-opened last November 10, 2021, to welcome back its “Byaheros” to travel the Philippines in just 1,000 steps.

It welcomes everyone with a lot of new art installations inspired by the beauty of the Philippines as The Millennial Concept Factory, Inc. decided to bring Lakbay Museo PH to a whole new level by curating another batch of unique and colorful attractions for the Byaheros to enjoy. For this year’s re-opening, Lakbay Museo PH made sure that every Byahero will have a new experience to remember as they explore the Philippines in a span of 2 hours.

Watch our virtual tour in TikTok:

New experiences did we say? Yes, because everything added and updated in the museum are all Instagram-worthy and deserves to be part of your feed.

In order for the Byaheros to experience what we’re saying, they’ll just have to avail a LAKBAY MUSEO BOARDING PASS for them to discover what traveling with a twist really means.

For only 399 PHP (online rate) or 499 PHP (walk-in rate), this boarding pass allows you to discover an enhanced level of experience via an interactive tour, enjoy more than 600+ food art collections from the different parts of the country and over 100+ IG spots to rave on.

What are you waiting for? Invite your travel buddies to discover and experience what Lakbay Museo has to offer. Book your tickets now at https://www.lakbaymuseo.ph/ or you may visit them at the Ground Floor of S Maison Mall, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex.

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