6 things you should know about 24 Chicken

24 chicken mendiola

If you’re a frequent visitor to our page, The Hungry Traveler PH, you’ll notice that one of our favorite chicken joint in Manila is 24 Chicken. In this article, we’ll tell you what you should know and why we love this Korean fried chicken.

  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola

1. Affordable yet has good quality taste

Did you know that for as low as 85 php, you’ll satisfy your chicken cravings with their flavored chicken? Yes, here in 24 Chicken, they make sure that everyone can afford their quality chicken especially that they are located near in some universities in Manila, U-belt to be specific.

24 chicken mendiola

In fact, most of their customers are students. They have budget rice meals available here. You can choose between 2 pcs or their 3 pcs chicken with rice.

2. They have 9 flavors to choose from

The picture above is not updated as they launched their newest flavor which is Snow Cheese that is one of our favorite flavor up to date.

Here is the list of the flavors in 24 Chicken:

  1. Original
  2. Garlic
  3. Jack Daniels (best seller)
  4. Lemon Glazed
  5. Yangnyeom
  6. Yangnyeom x2
  7. Yangnyeom with Garlic
  8. Spicy BBQ
  9. Snow Cheese
  10. Half Half Chicken (any 2 flavors)

Some of our favorite flavors are their Jack Daniels, Yangnyeom, Spicy BBQ, and Snow Cheese. They also have options if you like it with bones or boneless. Our favorite is boneless.

  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola

3. They are open for take out and delivery

Basically, they are available for take out and delivery only. That’s why many students are their customers who doesn’t have enough time to dine in.

  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola

And yes, they are also open for delivery around Manila only with a minimal delivery charge.

4. They now have dining options in some of their branches

Due to popular demand and some of their customers’ request, some of their branches have seating capacity already. We also enjoyed dining at some of their branches.

  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola
  • 24 chicken mendiola

5. They are eco-friendly

What we also love about this restaurant is that they promoting to use less plastics. They use paper cups and wood chopsticks. Also, they are observing CLAYGO.

Aside from that, they are also using reusable bags. You can get it for free if you avail a whole chicken or buy it for only 20 php. Every time you order and you have their reusable bag, you’ll have a 2 php discount. What a great deal!

24 chicken mendiola

6. They have 10 branches up to date

If you are residing in Manila, you don’t have to worry because they have several branches there. And finally, the long wait is over! They now have a branch here in Quezon City.

24 chicken mendiola

Here is the list of their branches:

  1. EGI Taft (EGI Taft Tower, 2339 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila)
  2. Legarda (2335 Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila)
  3. P. Noval UST (Crown Galleria, P. Noval corner Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila)
  4. Vito Cruz (2472 Leon Guinto St. corner Estrada St., Vito Cruz, Taft, Manila)
  5. Pedro Gil (CTC Bldg., Taft Avenue corner Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila)
  6. P. Noval España in front of University Tower (P. Noval corner España, Sampaloc, Manila)
  7. Mendiola beside One Legarda Residences (2155 Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila)
  8. Binondo (547 Tomas Pinpin St. Corner Carvajal St., Binondo Manila)
  9. GrabKitchen (Ground Floor, Glorietta 2, Palm Dr, Ayala Center, Makati City)
  10. E. Rodriguez in front of St. Lukes (E.Rodriguez Sr., New Manila, Quezon City)

24 Chicken’s biggest branch near UST

24 chicken p. noval

If you’ll ask me what’s my recommended chicken joint around University Belt, I’ll definitely answer 24 Chicken! Been to there 2 different branches and we had the same experience. From the service, to the food, to the price. Definitely worth it!

Here’s our order…

In our latest visit at 24 Chicken, I’m really happy because they finally have their biggest branch up to date. More seats means more persons to accommodate! But hey, many people are still waiting in line to get their to-go chickens!

1st floor
2nd floor

The only thing we noticed was it’s really hot inside especially if it’s jam-packed. I hope they will put air-con to minimize the heat inside and for the customer to enjoy their stay while eating.

It has now restroom which the other branches don’t have. The interior is still the same as the other branches, too.

And still, they are strictly observing CLAYGO. Let us help them to lessen their workload and to discipline ourselves, too.


By the way you’re wondering, here is their UPDATED price list as of May, 2019. Plus. they have new flavor which is the CHEESE!!!

Updated menu and price list

Here’s our order when we went to their newest branch located at P. Noval Espana branch.

Spicy BBQ
Jack Daniels

The first 3 flavors are really our favorites ever since. Plus, we also tried their newest flavor which is the CHEESE! So good too!

Snow Cheese

Check out our experience in their branch in P. Noval UST.

Check out our experience in their branch in Legarda.

As of August, 2019, they already have 5 branches already in just 2 years. And because of that, let’s cheers!

24 chicken p. noval
Yangnyeom and Snow Cheese

They are still open for delivery but only around Vito Cruz, Taft and UST area. Kindly take note of that. Delivery charge is only 40 php.

24 chicken p. noval


FOOD – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

PRICE – ⭐⭐⭐⭐




Me about to munch the chicken!

Still don’t have any complains to their food because it’s really good and very affordable. This is really student-friendly and you can also have this as your baon because they have rice meal. So I highly recommend it to everyone especially those who are near the areas.


DLSU Branch: 09271223550/09456797297

P. Noval UST Branch: 09054792282/09054792283

Legarda Branch: 09167974072/09167974073

Pedro Gil Branch: 09167974072/09167974073

P. Noval Espana Branch: 09774253756/09774253757


10:00 AM-9:00 PM, Monday to Saturday


P. Noval corner Espana, Sampaloc, Manila

In front of University Tower P. Noval


Facebook: 24 Chicken Delivery Manila

Instagram: @24chickenph

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24 Chicken opens another branch in Legarda

24 chicken legarda

Last January 18, 24 Chicken finally had their soft opening in their newest branch at Legarda. Actually, this one is their biggest branch up to date. That’s why I so loved it here!

24 chicken legarda
The entrance

This was actually my 2nd time trying out their food and I’m really happy about the consistency of the food. If you want to check our first experience at 24 Chicken in P. Noval, read it here.

24 chicken legarda
Korean fried chickens!!!

Since they serve affordable and go-to food, they are really suitable and perfect for students. I think that’s one of the reasons why they are located near to a university or school. Their target is the students who love fast food.

24 chicken legarda
Take-out counter

What I loved more about them is that they are eco-friendly. Yes! You read it right. They are observing CLAYGO inside.

24 chicken legarda

Aside from that, they are not using any plastic utensils, instead, they will give you a bamboo chopsticks. You can also purchase their very own eco bag for only 20 php or you can get it free when you order a whole chicken. Every time you go or order at 24 Chicken, bring it with you to have a 2 php discount on your order.

24 chicken legarda
24 Chicken eco bag

If you’re around Manila or near from any of their branches, they are delivering in selected areas with a fixed 40 php delivery fee/no minimum order. You can also check  them out on Grab and HonestBee (delivery fee varies depending on your location).

24 chicken legarda

Now, let’s take a look what’s inside of their branch in Legarda.

24 chicken legarda

More seats and space! YAY. You can now dine in. More comfortable because of its bigger space. Now, let’s go to the food. The main event, of course.

24 chicken legarda
Korean fried chickens!

We got their 5 basic flavors which are: Original, Lemon Glazed, Spicy BBQ, Jack Daniels, and Yangnyeom.

24 chicken legarda
Spicy BBQ
Jack Daniels
Original (we just put some Garlic hehe)
24 chicken legarda
24 chicken legarda
Lemon Glazed

Another reason why I love their chickens (aside from its juiciness) is you can you have it boneless. Yaaaaas!

24 chicken legarda

Yep, that’s me enjoying their chicken. HUHU. Yummers!


  1. Spicy BBQ – If you have read my first post about 24 Chicken, Spicy BBQ wasn’t in my list because when we went there, it was already out of stock. HUHU. I promised myself I will try it again and I wasn’t wrong!!! It was super good!!! You can really taste the spiciness and BBQ flavor! The flavor is just that strong and that’s what I liked most about.
  2. Jack Daniels – If you’re not a fan of spicy food, I highly recommend this one. It’s my number 1 pick in my 1st post. Hihi. Sweet and savory flavor. Ughhhh! You can’t get enough of this chicken flavor.







24 chicken legarda

Because I don’t have any complains about their food and service, I just asked them one thing… I really hope that they will open a branch here in QC in the near future. I promise I will visit you everytime I crave for chicken wings. Aside from the quality of the food, it’s really affordable!

Contact Numbers

DLSU Branch: 09271223550/09456797297

UST Branch: 09054792282/09054792283

Legarda Branch: 09167974072/09167974073

Operating Hours

10:00 AM-9:00 PM, Monday to Saturday


Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila (beside BDO Legarda)

Walking distance from LRT Legarda

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: 24 Chicken Delivery Manila

Instagram: @24chickenph

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