strawberry desserts in Baguio

Strawberry desserts you need to try in Baguio

What is the first thing you remember when you say Baguio City? Aside from its cold weather, it is STRAWBERRY.

Since we just visited Baguio City last month, we’ll be sharing some of must tries strawberry desserts you need to try in Baguio.


Price: 125 php per slice

strawberry desserts in Baguio

We all know where to buy this one. This is from Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop, the no. 1 cake shop in Baguio. And for the record, this is one of their best seller cakes.


Price: 99 php each

strawberry desserts in Baguio

This is the trending Strawberry Champorado from Le Monet Hotel. You can find it inside Camp John Hay. Surprisingly, I loved it! Would love to try it again.

You can also try their Strawberry Milkshake (160 php) to complete your Strawberry food hunting. LOL

strawberry desserts in Baguio


Price: 30 php each

strawberry desserts in Baguio

You can find this anywhere in Baguio. However, price varies depending on the area. We bought this inside Burnham Park. They also offer Ube flavor and of course, the original Taho flavor.


Price: 25 php each

strawberry desserts in Baguio
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Since our time is limited, we failed to try again their Strawberry Ice Cream. But in 2018, we tried it somewhere in Burnham Park also. The price varies depending on the area, and as far as we remember, we bought this for only 25 php.

You can watch our Baguio trip last 2018 below! Hehe

Will update this as soon as we get to try other Strawberry desserts in Baguio!

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