Sisig Society just launched their “sisig-flavored lip balm” and you should get one now!

Today, March 29, Sisig Society launched their new innovation which is a lip-balm. But this is not your ordinary lip balm. Why? Because they put a twist in it. Do you want to know what is the outcome? They now have a “sisig-flavored lip balm”.

sisig lip balm

So when I got home after work. My father handed me a package that came from Sisig Society. Luckily, I’m one of the chosen people to try their new product offer.

sisig lip balm
Inclusions of the package

The package includes the ff:

  1. A pouch
  2. Sisig Society sisig-flavored lip balm
  3. 500 php worth of GCs
  4. A letter

Sisig Lip Balm comes in two signature flavors: Classic Pork (which I got) and Spicy Chicken. I think I also have to try the latter, because I like everything that’s spicy. YAY!

sisig lip balm
Classic Pork flavor lip balm

Both flavors are specially formulated to satisfy your sisig cravings. Each swipe contains a taste of either chicken or pork meat, caramelized onion, chicharon, and their very own secret sauce.

sisig lip balm

This is a limited offer only, so hurry up now! It will be open for reservation to the public starting today, March 29.

sisig lip balm

Satisfy your sisig cravings in a swipe by ordering “Sisig Society’s Sisig Lip Balm”!

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