Quarantine food trends in the Philippines

Almost 6 months of being quarantined at home, some food are being discovered and some of these make it as an income during these days. How many of the quarantine food trends have you tried?

quarantine food trends

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We featured some ube cheese pandesal from different SMEs. So far, all of the pandesal we tried were good!

7-Eleven Philippines

quarantine food trends

Miss B Infused Honey

quarantine food trends

Bread Crumbs

quarantine food trends

Aging’s Food Delight

quarantine food trends


Are you the one who made this kind of cofffee? Actually, it’s the first quarantine food that gone viral. Actually made a video and you can watch it here.

quarantine food trends

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We actually tried this even before quarantine started. We got and tasted this last December 2019.

Chloe’s PH

quarantine food trends


Actually our first time to try this and it was so good! So happy we found this shop online. By the way, they now have a new flavor aside from the baked sushi and baked samgyupsal.

Chubby Mama Manila

quarantine food trends


We only tried the cold brew yet and as coffee lovers, we definitely approved it! Can’t wait to try the coffee drip! Can you guys recommend?

Cold Story Brew Co.

quarantine food trends


Featured various cookies on our page and we’re very happy that we tasted different kinds and types of cookies. Some are moist, some are chunky, some are soft, and some are thins. You can identify each below.

Golden Batter

quarantine food trends

Happy Wolf

quarantine food trends

Mrs. Wakefield

quarantine food trends

From Scratch Homemade Desserts

quarantine food trends

9 Replies to “Quarantine food trends in the Philippines”

  1. Yung Dalgona and Cheesecake nalang di ko pa nasusubukan. Among all those, my favorite talaga is the sushi bake! I am so craving right now!

  2. I’ve tried everything in this list except the basque burnt cheesecake! To think i’m a cake lover! Nakikita ko nga uso β€˜to! Hahaha must resist temptation! Lol. Good thing also some of the trending food my sister sends over to our home! Wala akong talent sa pag gawa ng baked sushi, cookies and ube pandesal. πŸ˜…

  3. I totally agree with your list! Among these, I haven’t tried Dalgona and Burnt Cheesecake. There have been several versions coming out in the market from SMEs and I can say that we Filipinos are really creative and innovative just to push our way in the pandemic. Sa part na yan, ako yung mahilig kumain at umorder, haha! Support support lang sa mga friends ganyan.

  4. This quarantine period, I discovered that suddenly my feed was bombarded by my friends turning into baking and cooking, hello plantitas! It is amazing how many people discovered new hobby and turning it into business. Food business is always a good idea.

  5. BAKED SUSHI FOR THE WIN! Pero the cold brew is what I like the most from this list. OMG I’m torn πŸ˜€ Hahaha I like how this quarantine has made us love the art of cooking and gardening. Ang nice lang πŸ˜€

  6. I really wanted to try the Ube Cheese Pandesal and Baked Sushi. The cold brew kasi I can find it here anywhere yang dalawa lang talaga ang wala.

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