Mushroomburger: A healthier version fast food chain in Tagaytay

I’ve been to Tagaytay a lot of times already. Every time I went there, I always passed by the classic carinderia-look burger shop, Mushroomburger. They said that it is one of the oldest and famous go-to eats in Tagaytay.


Since our accommodation was quite near to the burger shop (a 10-min walk to be exact), we decided to try their food.

Our late lunch and early dinner

Upon entering the door, you will feel like you’re in a big carinderia. We went there on Friday afternoon to avoid the crowd but a lot of people are dining here especially on weekends. I think it’s a cheaper option for fast food.

If you will observe the place, it’s still look the same from the first time it was built. They just maintain the cleanliness of the area. I think they want to preserve the classic look of the place that makes it more nostalgic and unique.


Why did I called them a cheaper version of fast food chain? They looked exactly a fast food chain but cheaper price and a healthy one. Just take a look at this picture. Remind you of something? 🙂

Now, let’s go to the main event. The food…

Why did I say healthy version of fast food? Because mushroom is one of their main ingredients. Note that it is not 100% mushroom, okay?

Chicken + Canton w/ regular drink (134 php)

Ahhhh, their canton is the best! Very saucy and tasty! You can see that the toppings has different types of mushroom. The chicken was cooked well. The breading was not OA. You can taste it. Very natural.

MB King w/ regular drink and fries (133 php)
Look at the melted cheese

I got their MB King and it didn’t disappoint me! So good. The patty are 50% beef and 50% mushroom. If you’re on a diet but craving for fast food, try this! Also, look at the melted cheese. Waaaa.

Regular fries
Sago’t gulaman & black gulaman (just add 19 php for upgrade)

Lastly, their drinks! I got their sago’t gulaman while Ian got the black gulaman. But for me, SAGO’T GULAMAN is the winner here! It smells so good and tasted very good! The sago and gulaman were very tasty! I enjoy this drink so much. Too addicting!!! LOL. You guys should try this, I swear!

You can also buy some pasalubong inside.


If you have kids with you, they also have a playground outside! Very nostalgic feels everywhere in this restaurant! They have swings, slides, and even a wishing well. They have also chairs and tables outside. I think you can dine here if the restaurant is full inside.

The path walk upon entering the playground

Look who’s the happy kid.




I gave 5 stars because why not? It’s a healthy version of fast food. Plus, the food are really good and delicious. I like that they cooked it naturally. Not too much breading and other preservatives. Very guilt-free.


  1. Sago’t Gulaman – MUST TRY. Promise! If I will visit Tagaytay again, this one will be on my list!
  2. Pancit Canton – Aaaaah. It’s just so good. The sauce were very saucy! Not to mention their big serving. Thumbs up!!!
  3. MB King – The melted cheese was just so perfect to the patties! This is one of their best seller so you need to write this on your list!


As I’ve said, cheaper version of fast food. No need to worry! Your stomach will be full without breaking your wallet. Very affordable and worth the price!


This is a self-service restaurant. So you are the one in charge. NO SERVICE CHARGE ftw! The serving time of their food was not less than 5 minutes, I guess?


Although the interior were looked old, you will feel the nostalgic and classic ambiance in this restaurant. Plus, if you go outside, you can bring back the inner childhood with you and have fun in their playground!


Quite difficult to go here since jeepneys were very rare in the road. But if you’re near in Sky Ranch, you can just walk and enjoy the cold breeze in Tagaytay, just like what we did. 🙂 But it’s searchable in Waze or Google Maps. Don’t worry, they have parking lot inside.


7:00 AM-10:00 PM, daily


Phone: 882-8888


KM. 60, Brgy. Kaybagal, Tagaytay City




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