Everything you need to know about Kitchen Hero

Craving for unique cuisines but too busy to visit a restaurant?

Introducing Kitchen Hero, a cloud kitchen that lets you order from various restaurants prepared in 1 kitchen. With multiple restaurants to choose from, in-house and friendly riders (partnered with Dingdong PH for lower rates), convenient and contactless payment, and most significantly, they help and support local businesses that offer unique cuisines for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Visit their website at www.kitchenhero.ph.
  2. Create an account and register.
  3. Once registered, look for the menu and choose from their partnered restaurants.
  4. Order food and/or drinks from your chosen restaurants.
  5. Click the cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen to check the total amount and delivery fee.
  6. Fill out your delivery details.
  7. Choose your mode of payment and then checkout.

We’ve tried a few restaurants to order food from Kitchen Hero.

From entreé to desserts, they have it all! A very user-friendly access to your cravings.

Upon receiving your orders, they will prepare all of your orders in their cloud kitchen to make it easier and faster for pick-up and delivery. Because of this, you will only pay 1 delivery fee, a super convenient and practical way to enjoy your purchase.

They also have good chefs to prepare your food, so rest assured that the quality of the food is exactly what you wanted it.

You will surely enjoy your money’s worth. After the preparation, they will pack it in secured containers and put it in a paper bag. They will place your orders in an insulated bag to preserve the heat of the food. And just like that, they will deliver it with care and bring it to you in good quality and taste.


The famous Big Bowl Tapa of Tagpuan, with its tender, well-seasoned, and marinated beef, partnered with egg and garlic rice, is truly a staple food and has good harmony of flavor.

kitchen hero

The Tonkatsu of Ebi Ko is crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Not that salty, complete with its side dishes. Simply delicious!

kitchen hero

The patty of Black Burger from Family Bean Cafe has concealed its juices until you bite it with fresh veggies. A refreshing and meaty taste with onions that cut through the richness of the beef. Perfect!

kitchen hero

We also tried Callos of Hola, which has the tender and soft ox tripe blended with its savory sauce. A perfect blend of taste and texture. Next is their Carbonara with the fresh and creamy taste of its sauce, a go-to food for everyone.

kitchen hero

Dingras Empanada is fully packed with meat and protein, a good taste of the classic dish.

To cap it all, the Revel Bar of Delicious Mess is not that sweet but a highly addictive kick of chocolate, combined with the soft crunch will surely be loved by your palate.

kitchen hero



The process, delivery, and food were great and has the highest quality because of the idea of a cloud kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Create an account and order food now at Kitchen Hero!

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