K-Pops: Affordable Korean street food in PH

Korean musics, dramas, and food are really dominating Philippines now. They captured the heart of us Filipino, especially the millenials.

Now, we all know that their food are just around the corner. We’re all familiar with the unli samgyupsal, right? But little did we know that there’s a new craze about Korean food.

K-Pops is owned by a Filipino chef, Lloyd Dolor, CEO of Chef R Us. They personally invited us to try their food. And today, I will let you introduce their food one by one. 🙂

Meet the owner, Sir Lloyd Dolor.

We even met his wife and children. They are so nice and very accommodating to us!

Just a little trivia, K-pops is just a stall not a restaurant. They have branches around the Philippines, from Luzon to Mindanao! Yay!

TIP: They are open for franchise! Just contact them. 🙂


Now, let’s go to their food.

The food that they served to us. YUMMERS

TIP: If you’re being lazy and just want to eat at home. Don’t worry, they are on Honestbee and Foodpanda. Just search K-pops and you are good to go.

The first they served to us was their 25ers, the Korean street food. Why 25ers? Because it is just 25 pesos EACH! Such a steal!

Their 25ers.

MANDOO – 25 php (lower left)

  • Korean dumplings come deliciously fried or steamed. As a street snack, the most likely choice is Kogi mandoo which are stuffed with a gingery minced pork and spring onions.
Look’s what inside!

K-POPPERS – 25 php (upper left)

  • Boneless chicken skewers marinated with savory spices then coated with your choice of sweet and tangy sauce or spicy chili sauce.

KIMBAP – 25 php (middle left)

  • It looks like sushi, but its a Korean cuisine, gimbap-dressed with a seaweed (gim) wrap and glazed in flavor you can almost see. Kimbap are at their most mouth-watering as petite rolls, but they can come in hefty, rice-filled slices, which make a speedy hunger booster. These rolls are popular at street stalls and markets.

GIMMARI – 25 php (middle right)

  • Deep fried seaweed spring rolls are essentially a simple version of Japchae (Korean glass noodles) stuffed in a seaweed sheet. Once the seaweed sheet is rolled up, it is coated with frying batter then deep fried.

EOMUK – 25 php (2nd to last pic)

  • In Korea, fishcake is one of the popular ingredients, used for soup (eomuk-tang), side dish (eomuk-bokkeun), and kimbap (Korean style maki). Especially, eomuk-tang, served on a skewer in broth, is a very popular street food along with ddukbokgi, which people of all ages love.

FRIED ODENG – 25 php (last pic)

  • Favorite Korean fish cake but instead of being served with a broth, it is deep fried to perfection.

ODENG – 25 php

  • Odeng are hot, easy-to-eat fishcakes on a skewer. If you are spice- or meat-shy, this is your street-eat savior. The main flavor is a soft and smooth fishcake, the skewers jutting from steaming vats of broth. This hot soup is a gentle seafood and spring onion-infused broth.
In Korea, this is a cure for hangover.

Now, here’s their other food.


  • Korea’s popular hot and spicy rice cake.

K-BOWL CHICKEN (in spicy wings) – 145 php

  • Chicken wings with your choice of sweet and spicy sauce or honey garlic sauce served on top of steaming kimchi rice.

BEEF BULGOGI – 120 php

  • Thinly sliced choice cut beef marinated in special sauce served with rice and kimchi. Choose from honey garlic or sweet and chili sauce.

In case you want other food, check out their menu.




I haven’t been to Korea yet but their food was really good and tasty! There is something in their special sauce! TIP: Dip their 25ers in soy sauce or vinegar. 🙂


  1. Fried Odeng
  2. Beef Bulgogi
  3. Mandoo


For 25 pesos, I’m telling you it’s such a great steal! After eating those street food, I’m already full. Promise! Give it a try!


This is an invite so we didn’t experienced their service but they serve the food to us after 5-10 minutes. By the way, the owner is very nice! I hope you can meet him too.


This is just a food stall inside a food park so nothing special here. But as per Sir Lloyd, they are planning to open a restaurant in the near future! Yay!


This branch is in Cubao, Quezon City but as I’ve mentioned earlier, they have branches across the Philippines. Just find a mall near you 🙂 Or just order thru Honestbee or Foodpanda.

Contact them at:

Phone: 09260789859

E-mail: kpops.chefrus@gmail.com

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/K.PopsPH/

Website: http://chefruscorp.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kpops.ph/

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