HOLA: Let’s eat, drink, and play in this hidden restobar in Mandaluyong

Activities with family and friends are always a good form of stress relief. With the pandemic engulfing important moments, it’s a must to reconnect with friends and family once in a while to make our current situation lighter, especially now that we’re on the verge of achieving full immunity.


Here’s a place where you can bring your family, friends, and loved ones to take advantage and cherish the moments with them.

HOLA is a restaurant full of different activities that people of any age can enjoy. The name of the restaurant was derived from the Spanish word hola, which means “hello” or “hi”.

Watch our taste test here with our friends:

True enough for the place that greets everyone with a nice vibe of a free-flowing environment that adjusts based on the need of each customer.

TIP: You can also rent their place for private events!

Their amenities include a table tennis set-up, billiards, different board games, and a kid’s corner for children who wish to play.

They’ve also adopted a small amphitheater-like designed place that has tiers of seats perfect for studying, chillin’ while reading, or just relaxing facing the skyscrapers of Makati, one river away.


The food and drinks sit well on how great the place is. Their menu is diverse and has a wide variety. Let us introduce some of the food we tried in HOLA.

One of their best sellers and a personal favorite is Salpicao El Fuego, which hits the mark for the buds with its marinated tenderloin cubes with demi-glazed serve in a sizzling plate. Melts in your mouth while an enticing aroma is carried by the smoke while it sizzles on the plate.

Another terrific dish is their Hola Pizza and the Habanero Pizza. Hola Pizza is a must with its thin crust topped with ground beef, olives, and red bell pepper. What’s unique with their pizza aside from flavors is that it comes with separate toppings that add flavor depending on one’s preference. These side toppings include a special oil, chili flakes, onion leeks, and a slice of lemon. This is the same with Habanero Pizza aside from its oil, which is Habanero oil. Make sure to use it to amplify the flavors of the pizzas.

Another specialty of the house is the Sisig & Match Me. An all-time favorite sisig with tortilla, cucumber, and red cherry radish on the side. A unique way to eat sisig like shawarma.


Because of their diverse menu, you will also find unique Filipino fusion dishes like the Poquiyaki, an eggplant rolled-like takoyaki. Fried on the outside tastes like the Pinoy’s favorite Tortang Talong yet soft on the inside like an Ensalada. Who would’ve thought that eggplant can be so diverse as this dish?

They also have pasta dishes such as the Chorizo Pasta. Penne tossed with chorizo Pamplona, bell pepper, and Pomodoro, topped with parmesan. An Italian dish without the overpowering sour taste of tomatoes, well-balanced in its core flavors.

They also take pride in their Spinach Mushroom Roll. One of their best-seller lasagna rolls with creamy and cheesy spinach and mushroom filling, topped with more cheese and pesto sauce. A dish that is full of herbs and flavor.


Last but definitely not the least is the Barbacoa Burrito. A Mexican dish that has rice and shredded beef wrapped in a tortilla. A good biting of its spicy flavor will surely bring out your appetite.

We also tried some of their drinks. For alcoholic drinks, we tried their Sangria and Classic Mojito. For non-alcoholic drinks, we got some Cholocate Milkshake and Matcha Milkshake.

They also have a Spicy Burrito Challenge, whoever can eat their spiciest burrito within 3 minutes will have it for FREE and win an exclusive shirt from HOLA. Are you in to take the challenge?

All these activities and food are all in one place. A place of relaxation, fun, camaraderie, good food, and good people. Visit them at Acqua Private Residences, Ground floor Units 107 & 108, Mandaluyong City to experience a wide range of good things that starts with one HOLA!

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  1. Thank you for sharing complete details po ang ganda place looks delicious din ng food and madami pa choices. Mas nakaktuwa pa po kasi pwede din pala jan ang private event so perfect pag gusto niyo ng privacy bonding ng tropa😍

  2. Wow ang ganda ganda nman po sa place na to . Ang ganda ng ambiance tlga nmn nkakarelax plus masasarap na mga foods . Must visit this place! ❤️

  3. ,ang ganda po dito at daming masasarap na foods,enjoy na enjoy talaga pag pumunta dito Lalo pag kasama fam or friends!nakakatuwa dito is yung pwde pala magprivate event dito🤍🥰thanks for sharing the full details po

  4. It’s a family place to go! Where you can enjoy,the place! Eat, drink and play ! How cool is that ! The perfect choice for us

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