Fantastic Baka: Unlimited samgyupsal in SM Valenzuela

Fantastic is really their trademark!

Fantastic Baka

You can never go wrong with a strip of meat, topped with kimchi, wrapped with lettuce, and dipped into a generous amount of cheese.

We all know that you imagined that, and we all knew that it is samgyupsal!

Fantastic Baka, another quality Korean grill restaurant that serves a wide variety of marinated meat, salmon, bacon, pork strips, and beef partnered with your favorite side dishes.

Located at SM City Valenzuela, Fantastic Baka is an accessible way to feel and eat like a Korean.

In addition to their fantastic food, is an ambiance that resembles the Korean feels made by the different lights glowing all over the place and a table set up inside a mini house-like partition with lively colors.

Truly one of the best ways to eat your samgyupsal is with family or friends while enjoying the place.

Fantastic Baka

For their unlimited promo, they offer 10 kinds of pork and chicken for only 499 PHP per head, definitely an affordable price with a high quality of service. Try it now to take away your doubts. Just add 100 PHP to avail unlimited beef.

Instead of saying, Baka Masarap? (Maybe Delicious?), you’ll definitely say, Baka Naman! (Beef Please!).

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  1. Omg craving sa samgyupsal nila dami pa side dishes kakatakam thank you for sharing complete details po a must visit ang Fantastic Baka😍😍

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