dunkin donuts aguinaldo cup

Dunkin’ Donuts Aguinaldo in every cup

As the Christmas season is nearly coming, each store have their own promos, deals, and discounts. One of them is our favorite donut store, Dunkin’ Donuts!

dunkin donuts aguinaldo cup
Loving the cup’s holiday design! So vibrant!

Wanna know how to win a prize by just drinking a cup of coffee? Continue reading…

Just purchase a 12 oz cup of coffee from any Dunkin’ Donuts branch. This promo is valid nationwide so you don’t need to worry about. It may be brewed coffee, black iced coffee, or iced coffee. A cup costs 60 php only.

dunkin donuts aguinaldo cup

What prize can you get in purchasing a hot or iced coffee?

You can win an instant FREE donut, 500 php, 1,000 php, 5,000 php, or 20,000 php! How amazing?!

All you have to do is peel off that red part that says “Open your holiday surprise”. Just a tip, make sure to keep your receipt and the cup itself upon redeeming your prize. You need to surrender both to get your prize.

dunkin donuts aguinaldo cup

In my case, I won a free donut. I asked the barista if I can redeem my prize any day, and he said YES! Just make sure to keep the receipt and the cup!

This promo will run until DECEMBER 15, 2019. So what are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest branch now!

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