Dalgona Coffee or Dalgona Milo? | Which is better?

Since all of us are staying in our homes, all of us know about the trending in social media, which is the Dalgona Coffee.

Saw this first on my Facebook page and immediately checked our kitchen if we have the tools and ingredients needed. Plus, I’m a coffee lover so I’m eager to try this so I did.



  • Coffee (any brand)
  • Milk (any type/brand)
  • Sugar (any type)
  • Hot water

NOTE: Ratio must be 1:1:1 for the coffee, sugar, and hot water.

For the tutorial, you can watch our video here:


If you are a coffee lover, you will appreciate this. But I’m warning you, this will keep you awake for so long. So better minimize the coffee mixture if you don’t want that to happen. Hehe.



  • Milk (any type/brand)
  • Milo (1 sachet)
  • All purpose cream (any brand)
  • Sugar (any type)

NOTE: Ratio must be 1:1 for the APC and sugar.

For the tutorial, watch our video here:


Surprisingly, I like this more than the coffee (super love coffee btw). Maybe because I also have a sweet tooth so I appreciate the sweetness of this one.

Did a poll on my Instagram story to know which one thinks they better, and the answer is DALGONA MILO. Do you tried this both? If yes, which one is your favorite?


  1. I wonder what other drinks can be done the Dalgona way. I saw one using strawberry juice powder.

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