D’ Busy Bean Coffee House: An instagrammable overlooking cafe in Taguig

Our elevation must be the result of self-efforts and work of our own hands.

– Martin Delany

This place in Taguig reminds us of this quote and as we walk toward the roof, where the restaurant is, you’ll end up at a simple place but a homey and welcoming kind of simple cafe named D’ Busy Bean Coffee House. They offer good food and a view of the Metro as we always know; raw, no filter, and depicting the everyday life of everyone.

Here, you can calmly sip your coffee while watching flying planes from a nearby airport. The elevation of the place brings a chill vibe. Of course, since it’s located on top of the CPG Estate Building, you need to go upstairs. There is no elevator inside the building so ready your feet.

d' busy bean coffee house

We tried some of the classic dishes at D’ Busy Bean Coffee House, and here is our verdict:


It’s not your ordinary pasta. It has a savory and a little bit sour taste to it, cutting the richness of the sauce that has sausages and ground beef. A perfect pasta indeed!

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for sharing


It is composed of creamy white sauce and a generous amount of parmesan cheese. A good combination of creamy and salty taste.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for sharing


Fresh seafood plus the al dente noodles, sautéed with olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper topped with parmesan cheese. A simple and homey dish.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for sharing


Nothing beats a classic Hawaiian pizza. We loved how soft the crust is. Of course, the controversial pineapple on pizza! Are you a Hawaiian fan or not? Whether the answer is a yes or no, you must try this pizza.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for 2-4 persons


Another pizza flavor recommendation to try at D’ Busy Bean Coffee House. This pizza is flavorful. Again, the crust is soft, maybe because it is a hand-tossed pizza.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for 2-4 persons


Their take on a classic dish had a good combination of the meaty and savory taste of all the ingredients that include chunks of beef and vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. It has a well-balanced flavor that will captivate your palate.

d' busy bean coffee house
399 PHP


Peanut buttery good! Savory sauce blended with beef and ox tail makes the perfect harmony of flavors not to mention the taste of bagoong that goes well with this dish. Will definitely visit their place again for this dish. One of our top picks!

d' busy bean coffee house
349 PHP


Crunchy with the soft meat of squid goes well with their vinegar and chili dip. A nice way to spice up your appetite.

d' busy bean coffee house

Of course, it is not called a coffee house without coffee and pastries! Let’s go with the desserts!

We had the opportunity to taste their different kinds of coffee blends, such as frappes and lattes. Overall, their coffee are not sweet and has a kicking taste of the brewed coffee and is not overpowered by milk.

They also have cheesecakes and leche flan that we tried for dessert, a good ending for their mouthwatering dishes.

More than a combination of a good relaxing spot and delicious set of food, this place is a story of success. The depiction of how striving hard will never go to waste and will get you to a good place—wondering what we meant? Visit their place and know it first hand.

Facebook: D’ Busy Bean Coffee House Taguig

Address: 11A Gen. Espino St., Zone 6, CPG Estate, Barangay South Signal Village, Taguig City

Operating Hours: 7:00 AM-12:00 MN, daily


  1. Joaquin Eli Bacod says:

    Yay must visit . Ang ganda ng ambiance very instagrammable tlga and ang sasarap pa ng kanilang foods ??

  2. Owen Ponce says:

    The goodness of everything,fro the menu list and ambiance,I must say ,all worth it ,all scrumptious and sumptuous feast for sharing

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