Cocoons @ Club Laiya: Capsule-inspired accommodation in Laiya, Batangas

Who would’ve thought that a simple part of nature will be an inspiration to the modern and ever-evolving hospitality industry?

Let us introduce to you the Cocoons! Watch our vlog here!

Like cocoons of a butterfly, a resort in Batangas widely known as Club Laiya Resort developed and evolved the conventional way of accommodation. A cocoon, as they love to call it, is a cylindrical type of room that includes a bed (good for 2 pax) with pillows and a comforter, a vault for your personal belongings, and a mini-fridge.

NOTE: The security deposit is 1,000 PHP and refundable upon checkout.

The room is very clean and just like the outside paintings of the cylindrical room, the inside is at par when it comes to aesthetics. The rooms don’t have a private bathroom but they have a common bathroom. But fret not, the bathroom here is so extra!

The cocoons are available for overnight stay only, for those who wanted to go to the resort for a day tour, they also have cabanas good for bigger groups.

Cocoons at Club Laiya

Club Laiya Resort has many things to offer besides good accommodations. They have 2 restaurants, The Sands and The Rib Shack, that offer Filipino food and a feel of Western/Italian food, respectively. Both restaurants have delicious food to offer, so you better try it.

THE SANDS (7:00 AM to 6:00 PM)

THE RIB SHACK (12:00 NN to 10:00 PM)

There’s no complimentary breakfast. Breakfast meals cost 250 PHP each.

Resorts would not be completed without a pool and a good beachfront. Club Laiya Resort has the good of both worlds having an infinity pool for adults and a child-friendly kiddie pool, and a nice beachfront, whether you want to take a dip or just walk along the sand, they got it for you.

Also, different activities await you there, such as jetskiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, etc. All activities are a must-try when you visit their place. We tried the jetski and we enjoyed it.

Cocoons at Club Laiya



If you opt to take the commuter way, from PITX, take a ride on any bus going to San Juan, Batangas. Fare is 310 PHP each. It would take you about 4-5 hours to the bus terminal of San Juan, which is the last drop-off point. Upon alighting at the terminal, you may choose to ride a tricycle or a jeepney going to Laiya. The tricycle ride is a bit costly at about 300-400 PHP due to the distance of 20 km from the terminal to the resort proper, but definitely faster than a jeepney ride, for the latter needs to be fully occupied by passengers before leaving.


Another option is to go with your car and google maps your way to it. Just a little reminder, all vehicles, including tricycles, are mandated to pass thru the Municipal Tourism Reception Area to check if you have a confirmed booking reservation and a vaccine card with you. All tourists must pay 20 PHP per head for the ecological fee.

Cocoons at Club Laiya

To those who don’t have the said documents may be required to go back, the travel time going to this wonderful place is not that short so please make sure to abide by their rules.


As we all know, beauty and convenience come with a price. The room rates range from 3,700 PHP to 5,800 PHP. You may also book on their website. Click here.

The services were good, not to mention the good people behind the resort. So if you wanna try to sleep in a cocoon or just relax, come and visit Club Laiya Resort—a nice place to calm your mind and enjoy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing complete details po a must visit ganda ng place so relaxing din ng room nila and ambiance plus masarap na food higit sa kahat budget friendly

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