Chin Chan Ramen: Newly-opened ramen house in Caloocan


This ramen house is only 3-month old! They named this after their son’s name Chin Chan which is a cutie baby boy! About the food, a legit Japanese is preparing all the food so nothing to worry about how they are serving the food.

chin chan ramen

Now, onto the food!

chin chan ramen


chin chan ramen
Cold Ramen (180 php)
chin chan ramen
Spicy Miso Ramen (180 php)
chin chan ramen
Curry Ramen (180 php)


chin chan ramen
Pork Teriyaki w/ extra pork and sauce (99 php)
chin chan ramen
Mixed Tempura (99 php)


chin chan ramen
Gyoza (50 php)
chin chan ramen
California Maki (50 php)



At first, we’re kinda hesitant to push through because when I saw their FB page, the food looks like there’s nothing special. But when I tasted their food, I felt bad for myself for judging them because of the look of their food. Their food were nothing but amazing! You guys should try it! Now I know why there’s many people eagerly waiting to get a seat. THE FOOD ARE SO DELISH!


  1. Cold Ramen – Have you heard about this? I’m surprised when they served it to us and told the name of this food. But it’s a must when you visit their place! I loved how the noodles were still soft after not eating them for a while. The sauce was sweet.
  2. Curry Ramen – The noodles were really soft! It has many ingredients, more on seafood. It has also a spicy-kick which I loved.
  3. Gyoza – Very affordable yet tasted good. The size of the gyoza were quite big compared to the other gyoza’s I’d tried before! Must try.
  4. California Maki – Not a fan of Maki but according to Ian, it was fresh and not smell fishy.


I found their ramen pricey at first because it ranges from 160-190 php and to mention that they are only starting their business. But now I know why! Because its good. The ingredients were so many. We didn’t even finished eating it because we’re full already. The rice bowls are very affordable for only 99 php.


Even though they lack of their staff, I highly appreciate them for giving the other customers a good customer service! They are very accommodating and generous. I just hope that they will add more staff. 🙂

Serving time of the food is 15-20 mins.


Since they just starting up, they tried to open their ramen house just outside their house. They just put a tent and put tables and chairs. From time to time, they add some more when people are starting to line up. According to one of the owners, they are planning to make their house open for customers too. Meaning, it will be a literal ramen house. Hehe.


If you’re from South Caloocan, maybe it’s just near to you. If you’re craving for some ramen and lazy to go out, might want to visit them.

How to go there?

From SM North, ride a jeepney/bus going to Malanday and drop off at MCU. From there, ride a jeepney going to Divisoria and drop off at 9th Avenue. From 9th Avenue, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you at R. Candido cor L. Nadurata St.


6:00 PM-12:00 MN, Monday to Saturday


144 cor L. Nadurata St. and R. Candido St., 10th Avenue, Caloocan City


Facebook: Chin Chan Ramen

Instagram: @chinchanramen

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