D’ Busy Bean Coffee House: An instagrammable overlooking cafe in Taguig

Our elevation must be the result of self-efforts and work of our own hands.

– Martin Delany

This place in Taguig reminds us of this quote and as we walk toward the roof, where the restaurant is, you’ll end up at a simple place but a homey and welcoming kind of simple cafe named D’ Busy Bean Coffee House. They offer good food and a view of the Metro as we always know; raw, no filter, and depicting the everyday life of everyone.

Here, you can calmly sip your coffee while watching flying planes from a nearby airport. The elevation of the place brings a chill vibe. Of course, since it’s located on top of the CPG Estate Building, you need to go upstairs. There is no elevator inside the building so ready your feet.

d' busy bean coffee house

We tried some of the classic dishes at D’ Busy Bean Coffee House, and here is our verdict:


It’s not your ordinary pasta. It has a savory and a little bit sour taste to it, cutting the richness of the sauce that has sausages and ground beef. A perfect pasta indeed!

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for sharing


It is composed of creamy white sauce and a generous amount of parmesan cheese. A good combination of creamy and salty taste.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for sharing


Fresh seafood plus the al dente noodles, sautéed with olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper topped with parmesan cheese. A simple and homey dish.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for sharing


Nothing beats a classic Hawaiian pizza. We loved how soft the crust is. Of course, the controversial pineapple on pizza! Are you a Hawaiian fan or not? Whether the answer is a yes or no, you must try this pizza.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for 2-4 persons


Another pizza flavor recommendation to try at D’ Busy Bean Coffee House. This pizza is flavorful. Again, the crust is soft, maybe because it is a hand-tossed pizza.

d' busy bean coffee house
289 PHP; good for 2-4 persons


Their take on a classic dish had a good combination of the meaty and savory taste of all the ingredients that include chunks of beef and vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. It has a well-balanced flavor that will captivate your palate.

d' busy bean coffee house
399 PHP


Peanut buttery good! Savory sauce blended with beef and ox tail makes the perfect harmony of flavors not to mention the taste of bagoong that goes well with this dish. Will definitely visit their place again for this dish. One of our top picks!

d' busy bean coffee house
349 PHP


Crunchy with the soft meat of squid goes well with their vinegar and chili dip. A nice way to spice up your appetite.

d' busy bean coffee house

Of course, it is not called a coffee house without coffee and pastries! Let’s go with the desserts!

We had the opportunity to taste their different kinds of coffee blends, such as frappes and lattes. Overall, their coffee are not sweet and has a kicking taste of the brewed coffee and is not overpowered by milk.

They also have cheesecakes and leche flan that we tried for dessert, a good ending for their mouthwatering dishes.

More than a combination of a good relaxing spot and delicious set of food, this place is a story of success. The depiction of how striving hard will never go to waste and will get you to a good place—wondering what we meant? Visit their place and know it first hand.

Facebook: D’ Busy Bean Coffee House Taguig

Address: 11A Gen. Espino St., Zone 6, CPG Estate, Barangay South Signal Village, Taguig City

Operating Hours: 7:00 AM-12:00 MN, daily

Bebang Halo-Halo: Have you tried their edible 24k gold?

bebang halo-halo

Halo-halo, anyone?

Watch our taste test here:

bebang halo-halo

For those who don’t know what halo-halo is, it’s a dessert widely known here in the Philippines.

It is composed of crushed or shaved ice, bananas, langka, pinipig, ube, leche flan, macapuno, and different kinds of beans with a dash of milk. It is derived from the Japanese Kakigori dessert. This kind of dessert was traced way back to when Japanese migrants came here to the Philippines around 1920-1930.

Halo-halo came a long way up to this day, and Bebang’s Halo-Halo is one of the standouts when it comes to tirelessly reinventing the dessert that all of us loved.

Complete with their different variations of the renowned dessert, Bebang’s Halo-Halo has its unique way of delivering their halo-halo with an insulation bag filled with ice so the quality of the product will not be compromised and will be delivered to their customers just like how they wanted it to be served, cold and compact! Customers truly will experience high-quality halo-halo.

We tried some of their variants and it was great! Let us share it with you!

Halukay Ube (158 PHP)

bebang halo-halo

A nice treat to every ube halaya lover. Sweet, but not that sweet, and has a good aroma brought by the banana cinnamon. Also, the pandan jelly brought a higher notch of playful texture with its soft and slurpy nature with the combination of special macapuno that gives off an ube-macapuno treat!

Complete composition: ube flavored frozen milk-leche flan, pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapuno, and rice crispies

Mango Graham (158 PHP)

bebang halo-halo

A take on the classic fruit and biscuit combination that is included in every occasion and feast. A nostalgic treat that goes well with frozen milk.

Complete composition: frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, caramel syrup, fresh mango, and crushed graham

Halo-Halo Presidential (168 PHP)

bebang halo-halo

With all the good stuff and all its flavors bursting in your mouth truly, it stands proud to its name, a delegate of texture and taste with the combination of nata, sago, and langka that creates a surprise with every bite.

Complete composition: frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapuno, and rice crispies

Banana Cinnamon Con Yelo (158 PHP)

bebang halo-halo

A familiar name with an amplified taste from the aroma of cinnamon and the blend of the sweet caramel syrup and the texture of vanilla jelly.

Complete composition: frozen milk, leche flan, vanilla jelly, sago, banana, caramel syrup, and rice crispies

Halo-Halo Special (138 PHP)

bebang halo-halo

This is their version of the traditional halo-halo. A great way to taste history and be amazed at how a simple dessert can be an unforgettable experience by using premium and quality ingredients.

Complete composition: frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, ube halaya, and rice crispies

Royal Halo-Halo Gold (498 PHP)

It’s the most unique and well-reinvented halo-halo we’ve tasted. With an amazing 24 karat edible gold, eat like a king and queen with the combination of every premium ingredient like strawberry that gives a fresh, sweet taste partnered with blueberry that gives a zing to its predictable sweetness, added with pistachio and cashew, indeed, it’s a great play of texture. As you scoop from the bottom to the top, all flavors mixing up with the mallows underneath the edible gold finishing up with the latter is an extreme harmony of pure decadence, no wonder that even with its pricey cost, its always on the hunt and always sold out for foodies just like us.
PS: It also comes with a golden spoon!

Complete composition: 24 karat gold, frozen milk, leche flan, pandan jelly, strawberry, peach, blueberry, mango, sago, ube halaya, special macapuno, pistachio, cashew, and mallow fluff

bebang halo-halo

If you haven’t tried this yet, you better go get your phone and call them for delivery and we bet that your halo-halo experience will never be the same.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BebangHaloHalo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bebang.halohalo
Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City

Premier the Samgyupsal now in Malolos, Bulacan

premier the samgyupsal

Samgyupsal is all around town and we’ve found another gem in Malolos, Bulacan.

premier the samgyupsal

Watch our virtual tour here:

Premier the Samgyupsal got its prestige from the quality of food and service. From its first branch in Tomas Morato now bringing good services to Malolos, Bulacan.

Known for its premium and quality serving of meat and side dishes, which includes marinated pork, beef, and chicken that adds more flavor to its good smokey taste.

Another good thing since it’s a buffet set-up, you can go to their food counter and take as many side dishes as you can. It includes Korean fried chicken, japchae, fishcake, kimchi, and many more!

Not only that, they also have a shabu-shabu set for everyone to enjoy. Especially for a rainy season like now, a shabu-shabu is truly perfect comfort food.

With its complete set of seafood and meat, with kani and sotanghon noodles and veggies pouring into a boiling savory broth, truly an awesome way to experience a flavorful self-made soup.

premier the samgyupsal

Want to try this amazing combination? Premier the Samgyupsal is located at Kapitolyo, Malolos, Bulacan. You can search Yellow Cab Capitol Malolos as the landmark.

They offer the following promos so you don’t wanna miss out:

UNLI MIX BBQ ONLY (regular price is 688 PHP)

  • 598 PHP – all-day promo
  • 548 PHP – lunch promo
  • 550 PHP – for senior

UNLI MIX BBQ AND SHABU-SHABU (regular price is 850 PHP)

  • 698 PHP – all-day promo
  • 680 PHP – for senior

They are open from 11AM to 11PM daily. For now, they only accept cash for payment. So what are you waiting for?! Visit them now!

Follow them on their Facebook page.

Farmhaus: Affordable steakhouse in Tondo


Eat the meat straight from the Farm! Watch our vlog here:


Farmhaus is a steakhouse restaurant located in Tondo, Manila. They serve different kinds of steak at an affordable price, making sure that every customer gets a taste of that fresh and smokey taste without getting broke.

The restaurant has this probinsya vibe with its simple but homey interior from wooden dine-in set up to their swing-type chairs with tables partnered with plants hanging from the ceiling and walls.

From simplicity, we get to taste what they take pride of!




With its tender meat and smokey grilled taste, it’s definitely the dish you would come back for. Also, the gravy amplifies the flavors of the steak.



Good strips of meat, not flakey, and definitely not overcooked. This steak has a sweet and smokey flavor poured with a generous amount of gravy.



This dish will awaken the curious cat in you. Sizzling Sinigang na Liempo is composed of thin strips of liempo, veggies, and a dash of the sour-tasting gravy that resembles the taste of sinigang!



A fresh and flavorful version of Teriyaki. A sweet and savory taste is brought by the teriyaki sauce and sprinkles of sesame seed. The salmon’s freshness and the rich sauce flavor blend well with each other, making the dish one of the favorites.



It doesn’t end with sinigang, grilled liempo for Kare-Kare? Why not?! Complete with veggies and the thick and rich flavor of Kare-Kare sauce, it gives off a familiar taste with the sting of grilled-smokey flavor. A rich blend that you will never get enough off.



Who doesn’t love inasal? A well-known dish that’s on par with any flagship inasal. Chicken oil? They definitely have their own.



An exciting dish where you can pour the gravy on the sizzling plate as it sizzles with flavor. Tender and full of grilled-smokey flavor. It’s a must try!


These are all part of their affordable menu. Want to try something else? They also have Burger Steak, Hungarian Sausage, and Angus Steak! Come and visit their place located at 2025 Velasquez cor. Malvar street, Tondo, Manila (Near EasyDay Shop).


The FARMHAUS stands humble and proud to those who want to taste a classic yet affordable premium steak within reach.

Aria Gastropub: Beach-themed restobar in Quezon City

aria gastropub

Parties are back! Kudos for almost 3 years of patience and to reward the sacrifices, why not sail your party vibe with Aria Gastropub?

Aria Gastropub is a beach-themed restobar on the rooftop of TRX Building located at Congressional Avenue. With its overlooking view of Quezon City’s skyline partnered with the nice place and set of good food, Aria is a go-to place for everyone.

It’s an instagrammable place that is open from 5PM-2AM, a perfect time to witness the beautiful sunset, and the best part of it is eating while watching the sun slowly go down, and gradually, Aria’s lively lights fill up the night. The food they serve are definitely a good combination with the place.

Mushroom Fritters

aria gastropub

It is a crispy version of fried mushroom perfect with its dip of vinegar and ketchup.

Spam Fries

A very widely known hack for spam lovers has found its way to the menu of Aria Gastropub. The spam has a rich flavor of meat, coated with bread crumbs, and the choice of your dip makes the difference!

New York’s Finest Pizza

aria gastropub

Who’s gonna say no to pizza? Aria Gastropub’s pizza topped with pepperoni, olives, and bell pepper is as simple as its toppings, yet the freshness and taste make a wonderful blend.

Baked Scallops

aria gastropub

The cheese of these freshly baked scallops gives off an addicting taste to this special dish.

Bulalo Steak

The tenderness of the meat plus its flavorful gravy compliments well with each other. Served with rice and mixed vegetables, definitely, a must try.

Crispy Pata

Crunchy skin, tender meat, and their 2-sauce combo will definitely make this dish the core of your orders. The sauces are sweet soy sauce and a thick sauce gravy-like dip with a sweet and spicy taste.

Always save room for dessert so we’ve tasted 3 of Arias’ desserts.


aria gastropub

A classic dessert from Spain. Aria Gastropub’s version of churros is thin and not oily perfect with its chocolate dip.

Fried Ice Cream

Cold yet fried ice cream covered with caramel crunch. A sweet and salty taste dessert that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Mango Peanut Crepe

aria gastropub

Another dessert topped with vanilla ice cream. Brings a fresh taste with its mangoes and the texture of peanuts that come with a crepe.

They also have refreshing beverages such as Lemonade and Red Blitz Iced Tea.

aria gastropub

Of course, Aria Gastropub wouldn’t be complete without refreshing cocktails and alcohol. They served us a refreshing Tequilla Sunrise and a sweet combination of chocolate and alcohol in the form of Mudslide.

They also have a VIP room wherein you can rent for 9 hours for only 15,000 PHP as a consumable.

Planning to unwind and get the most out of your weekend relaxation? Visit Aria Gastropub now! A great vibe in the middle of the busy city!

Angel’s Pizza BGC is now open!

angels pizza

The Metro has many pizzas to offer, yet not all stand out like how the Angel’s Pizza steps up their game (maybe because of their wings, pun alert).

Watch our virtual tour here:

Planning to share its flavor with every customer, a new branch has come to its fruition last April 30, 2022. It is located at the ground floor of Avida Cityflex Tower, Bonifacio Global City beside Kanto Freestyle and near Lexus and ready to satisfy our cravings.

Their menu includes classic flavors that no one can resist. Here are some of the food we had during our visit.

Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza

angels pizza

The pizza made its name viral through the creaminess of the cheese and the blend of the spinach, which surely makes you want more. Don’t forget to spread the spinach okay?

Overload Pizza

angels pizza

Truly a classic on its generous toppings which includes ground beef, bell peppers, and olives. The harmonious mix of its topping makes it a go-to-pick because of its flavor combination bursting in your mouth.

Carbonara Pasta

A creamy offer filled with tuna flakes and mushrooms. Its sweet and salty taste plus the aldenté pasta gives a nice overall taste.

Bolognese Pasta

An Italian penne type pasta which goes with its tomato-based sauce, with its balance of sweet and sour taste, its definitely a must try.

Buffalo Wings

We’ve tasted 2 different flavors of Angel’s Pizza wings. The garlic parmesan has a nice balance of the 1-2 punch brought by the strong taste of garlic and the saltiness of parmesan, which offers a nice combo with the crunchy chicken on the outside and tender white meat on the inside. Meanwhile, the buffalo flavor has its own distinctive taste, with its mildly sweet and salty taste. A simple but enticing to the eye for those who are chicken dish lovers. It also comes with different dips you should try.

Did you know that when you avail of their APC card that cost 299 PHP, you can also avail of the Buy 1 Take 1 pizza! Make sure to visit their place so you can taste food, heaven sent!

HOLA: Let’s eat, drink, and play in this hidden restobar in Mandaluyong


Activities with family and friends are always a good form of stress relief. With the pandemic engulfing important moments, it’s a must to reconnect with friends and family once in a while to make our current situation lighter, especially now that we’re on the verge of achieving full immunity.


Here’s a place where you can bring your family, friends, and loved ones to take advantage and cherish the moments with them.

HOLA is a restaurant full of different activities that people of any age can enjoy. The name of the restaurant was derived from the Spanish word hola, which means “hello” or “hi”.

Watch our taste test here with our friends:

True enough for the place that greets everyone with a nice vibe of a free-flowing environment that adjusts based on the need of each customer.

TIP: You can also rent their place for private events!

Their amenities include a table tennis set-up, billiards, different board games, and a kid’s corner for children who wish to play.

They’ve also adopted a small amphitheater-like designed place that has tiers of seats perfect for studying, chillin’ while reading, or just relaxing facing the skyscrapers of Makati, one river away.


The food and drinks sit well on how great the place is. Their menu is diverse and has a wide variety. Let us introduce some of the food we tried in HOLA.

One of their best sellers and a personal favorite is Salpicao El Fuego, which hits the mark for the buds with its marinated tenderloin cubes with demi-glazed serve in a sizzling plate. Melts in your mouth while an enticing aroma is carried by the smoke while it sizzles on the plate.

Another terrific dish is their Hola Pizza and the Habanero Pizza. Hola Pizza is a must with its thin crust topped with ground beef, olives, and red bell pepper. What’s unique with their pizza aside from flavors is that it comes with separate toppings that add flavor depending on one’s preference. These side toppings include a special oil, chili flakes, onion leeks, and a slice of lemon. This is the same with Habanero Pizza aside from its oil, which is Habanero oil. Make sure to use it to amplify the flavors of the pizzas.

Another specialty of the house is the Sisig & Match Me. An all-time favorite sisig with tortilla, cucumber, and red cherry radish on the side. A unique way to eat sisig like shawarma.


Because of their diverse menu, you will also find unique Filipino fusion dishes like the Poquiyaki, an eggplant rolled-like takoyaki. Fried on the outside tastes like the Pinoy’s favorite Tortang Talong yet soft on the inside like an Ensalada. Who would’ve thought that eggplant can be so diverse as this dish?

They also have pasta dishes such as the Chorizo Pasta. Penne tossed with chorizo Pamplona, bell pepper, and Pomodoro, topped with parmesan. An Italian dish without the overpowering sour taste of tomatoes, well-balanced in its core flavors.

They also take pride in their Spinach Mushroom Roll. One of their best-seller lasagna rolls with creamy and cheesy spinach and mushroom filling, topped with more cheese and pesto sauce. A dish that is full of herbs and flavor.


Last but definitely not the least is the Barbacoa Burrito. A Mexican dish that has rice and shredded beef wrapped in a tortilla. A good biting of its spicy flavor will surely bring out your appetite.

We also tried some of their drinks. For alcoholic drinks, we tried their Sangria and Classic Mojito. For non-alcoholic drinks, we got some Cholocate Milkshake and Matcha Milkshake.

They also have a Spicy Burrito Challenge, whoever can eat their spiciest burrito within 3 minutes will have it for FREE and win an exclusive shirt from HOLA. Are you in to take the challenge?

All these activities and food are all in one place. A place of relaxation, fun, camaraderie, good food, and good people. Visit them at Acqua Private Residences, Ground floor Units 107 & 108, Mandaluyong City to experience a wide range of good things that starts with one HOLA!

7twenty7 American Diner: Retro-themed restaurant in Cavite

7twenty7 diner

Diners from Western countries are widely known for their vibrant match of colors and memorabilia that depicts the history of the country’s rich culture of films, music, people, cars, and arts. But who says it can be only seen in Western countries?

7twenty7 diner

Let’s take you to Cavite and experience a diner far from the USual (pun intended).

7twenty7 American Diner is a diner-inspired restaurant that caters a wide variety of Mexican, American, and Italian food with a twist of Filipino food on its menu. Currently, they have 2 branches and both are located in Cavite.

Their main branch is located in Kawit, Cavite. Its roadside location and alfresco dining give off a good mysterious vibe that will surely catch your inner curious cats to explore and dine.

Having a jukebox as its centerpiece and candles on the tables with an accent of good lighting would take you to the past and romantic retro ambiance.

The food is also on par with the good place. A perfect combination of good food and a good place. A combo of Mexican, American, and a surprise of Pinoy food.

These are the food that filled our stomachs while enjoying their place.

Beef Tapa + Adobo Flakes

This dish made an impact making it to a diner’s menu, a Pinoy food that can sit equally with a Western type of cuisine. The beef was soft and the adobo flakes were a bit crunchy building a nice texture in your mouth that blends well with their atsara. Rice alert! This dish comes along with adobo rice topped with egg. A combo that could really never go wrong.

Bolognese Pasta + Wings

7twenty7 diner

Bolognese Pasta is an Italian dish that has a sour taste because of its rich tomato paste balanced with herbs, such as celery and thyme, goes well with cheese of course. Their version of the pasta resembles all those descriptions, truly a must try. Alongside the pasta is a bunch of chicken wings served and poured with Louisiana-style buffalo sauce. A full package of tender chicken with a rich taste and an aldenté pasta with a well-balanced sauce. Perfect!

Grilled Pork Belly

7twenty7 diner

A nice smokey taste with a nice dark finish on the outside. An obvious soaked to the classic sauce coating while grilling. The meat was soft, juicy, and tasty.

Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter

7twenty7 diner

A refreshing dish that balances the all-meat line-up. The combination of its breading and rice complements well with the softness and flavor of the fish.

Creamy Salmon Pasta

7twenty7 diner

Has a classic creamy taste with the freshness of salmon without compromising the taste of other ingredients. Saltiness is brought by cheese and the soft mushroom bound by the creaminess of the sauce.

Pasta and Sub

7twenty7 diner

This made the difference for us spicy lovers with its aldenté noodles covered with the strong sweet, hot, and spicy flavor enticing the buds to eat more. Partnered with a chicken sandwich mixed with mushroom bound by mayo spread extinguishing the spicy flavor of the pasta with its sweet and refreshing taste. A great balance as well.

Fish Crepe

7twenty7 diner

A unique crepe that brings the taste of the sea. Matched with the tortilla and sweet mayo to complete the combo.

For the beverages, they served us their signature flavored milkshakes: Avocado, Chocolate, and Vanilla. They also have the elite drinks, which include Midnight Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Milkshake.

By the way, they currently have a promo here in their Kawit branch, which is their lunch meals. This is available from Monday to Friday, 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Price ranges from 190 PHP to 220 PHP!

Watch our virtual tour here:

After a 10-minute ride from their main branch, there stands another branch of 7twenty7 American Diner in Imus, Cavite.

With its large space, everyone can enjoy the different visuals of the restaurant featuring a dashing red, blue, and pink colors that gives a consistent Western diner vibe.

They also have an events area, estimated to be for 30 persons, and its walls were designed with a rich collection of Marilyn Monroe’s and The Beatles’ portraits, which reminds us how films and music contribute a big part of us.

Also, the place displays a vintage car outside and upon entering the restaurant, invites more customers. But more than the place, the food gives an impact and an experience unique to every dining customer.

They’re probably the same branch but they offer a different and distinguished food listed on their menu.

The first stop is the Jambalaya dish. A mix of cajun rice topped with shrimps, sausages, and chicken. A terrific combination of rich flavors bursting after a spoon-filled experience.

7twenty7 diner

Next is their Classic Cheeseburger which has a juicy beef patty with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and onions served with generous fries. Truly a classic!

Another one of their best sellers is The Diner’s Original Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf. As its name suggests, prepare yourself for an all-meat experience with its homemade-baked meatloaf wrapped with bacon BBQ served with veggies and mashed potato. A meal that will surely fill your heart and stomach out.

7twenty7 diner

Tuna Pomodoro is another pasta dish composed of Pomodoro sauce, spaghetti pasta, topped with olives, and cheddar cheese. A nice, saucy, and sweet-salty pasta.

7twenty7 diner

For Mexican cuisine lovers, this Steak Burrito is for you. Mexican rice, chili con carne wrapped with soft tortilla that binds it all together served with cheese and sour cream.

7twenty7 diner

A personal favorite is the BBQ Spare Ribs. The meat is soft and tender, melts in your mouth, and falls from the bones with ease. Poured with generous mesquite BBQ sauce with BBQ rice and coleslaw providing a great compliment to each other.

7twenty7 diner

And of course, to cap it off the diner wouldn’t be complete without pancakes. They served the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip which blends well with the fluffy pancake. This one is an excellent experience for those who want to be filled with a new vibe of Western feels, making your eyes and stomach full of flavors and aesthetics.

Of course, we tried some of their refreshing and colorful drinks! Make sure to try all of these.

Watch our virtual tour here:


10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, daily



Covelandia Road Corner Fatima Road, Brgy. Balsahan – Bisita Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite

LANDMARK: Near Island Cove


144 General E. Topacio St., Poblacion 4C, Imus, Cavite


Facebook: 7twenty7 American Diner

Instagram: @7twenty7diner

Tipulo: Dine in with nature in Antipolo


Antipolo never fails to amaze us with its continuous display of the development of places to visit and food to eat.

This time, we visited a restaurant that was named after the epitome of the city’s name.

Tipulo offers a modern Filipino food cuisine that has a complete package from appetizers and entreés to dessert.

The restaurant has the vibe of a rustic-themed place on its exterior and interior, an ambiance that perfectly relaxes while you eat.

They also have their own bakery under the main restaurant, filled with pastries perfect for their coffee, whether iced or hot. They also have a mini playroom for kids dining in.

Served on our table were Lemon Soy Chicken, Bulalo Steak, and Pakbet at Bagnet.


The chicken has a strong taste of lemon combined with the sweetness of its sauce, a refreshing taste to those who are tired of the usual fried chicken.

Lemon Soy Chicken

The steak is basically a combination of 2 ways to cook beef, so you’ll experience a bulalo with gravy on it, alongside your favorite vegetables. It has a perfect blend of the 2 dishes, yet our palate says that it could be saltier, or it’s just us? But overall, it was good.

Bulalo Steak

The pakbet hit the mark for me, veggie lover indeed. The mix of veggies with its savory and rich sauce from bagoong topped with bagnet is a duo you should try.

Pakbet at Bagnet


Aside from the pastries, we tried some of their thirst-quenching drinks, such as Sago’t Gulaman, Cucumber Lime, Banana Smoothie, and Mais Con Yelo.

For desserts, we tried the Oreo Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Strawberry Shortcake. Each has its own distinguished flavor as its name suggests.



Oreo Cake

The oreo cake has the favorite cookies and cream flavor with a brownie-like base, which has a familiar taste when we were kids. We’ll not spill the tea so try it and then let us know!

Blueberry Cheesecake

The blueberry cheesecake on the other hand has the sweetness from its cheesecake and a little bit of sourness from the blueberry, which comes together as a powerful combo. But again, we wish it has a pinch of saltiness from the cheese so it can give more accent and impact on its flavor. But again, it’s just our honest review.

Strawberry Shortcake

The strawberry cheesecake, which is one of their best sellers, is really a must try. The sweetness of the strawberry-flavored cream and its soft chiffon cake complement well.


We also added some donuts filled with vanilla custard and strawberries in it. Both of these have a nice taste of homemade donuts dashing with a generous amount of filling, truly for the sweet tooth. We also tried their ube bread and it was flavorful!

To cap our desserts, we had some coffee. Cappuccino and latte both on iced.

The cappuccino topped with cinnamon has a great aroma, a subtle coffee taste, and a sweet taste because of its milk.

The latte has a subtle taste of coffee on your first sip yet has a striking finish with the mixture of milk. Their coffee blends are a bit sweet so you better tell the staff if you wanted it strong.


Overall, we had a good experience with the food and the place. The place was indeed calming because of the trees around and the dishes were good also, sticking into a diverse Filipino food.

Wanna try it out? Tipulo is located at KM 27 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City. Just an hour far from Manila. Opens from 7AM to 10PM daily.

Try and know a different meaning of Antipolo.

The Figaro Group Express

TFG Express

Ever heard about different good things, rolled into one?

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your cravings, try this triple treat from The Figaro Group Express.

TFG Express

A store that includes 3 different brands that go well together – Angels Pizza, Tien Ma’s, and Figaro. These 3 stores have a unique combination that completes a full-course meal within reach.

The store highlights a “to-go” or “pick-it-up” kind of service and is also available for delivery via GrabFood.

Stores are located at selected Shell and Caltex gasoline stations.

Though in a compact stall, the quality of each food, service, and delicacy remains as high as it is with any stand-alone branches of the aforementioned brands less the dining experience. Those Angels Pizza’s flavors, Tien Ma’s dumplings and sauces, capping it off with a sweet and nice blend of coffee and desserts from Figaro, surely you are in for a treat.

Visit them at the following branches:

  • Caltex – J.P Rizal St. Corner Colasanz St. Brgy. Olympia, Makati City
  • Caltex – Regalado Highway, North Fairview, Quezon City
  • Caltex – #42 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Sunny Side Drive, Kristong Hari, Quezon City
  • Shell – C. Raymundo Ave. Cor. Dela Paz St. Brgy. Caniogan, Pasig City
  • Shell – Congressional Avenue, Brgy. Bahay Toro, Project 8, Quezon City
  • Shell – Katipunan Ave. Corner J. Escaler, Loyola, Quezon City
  • Shell – San Isidro, Sucat, Parañaque City
  • Shell – Gen T. De Leon St., Brgy.Gen T. De Leon, Valenzuela City
TFG Express

Visit now and enjoy a great TREAT 3-in-1!