Famous tourist attractions in Bohol

DISCLAIMER: The following photos were taken last 2016 so please beg with our low quality photos.


Since we badly miss traveling, we had to share our Bohol trip wayback 2016 to lessen the sadness due to the recent pandemic (COVID-19).

And since these photos were taken in 2016, some of the photos were maybe different to present.

Maybe today, there’s more tourist attractions in Bohol that we didn’t visit yet back then.

famous tourist attractions in bohol
Tagbilaran Airport

Who else here are taking a picture at the airport for remembrance? Hehe. The airport in Bohol is not that big compared to other airports in the country, though we’ve been only in Caticlan, Kalibo, Clark, Puerto Princesa, and NAIA.

We stayed in Bohol for 5 days and 4 nights. I must say that this is enough to explore Bohol. You can also do a sidetrip to Cebu via ferry for about an hour only but we didn’t try.

Enough with the story, we will now share some of the famous tourist attractions in Bohol that you need to visit!


Location: Carmen, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

This was a bucket list to me since I was seeing this before in textbooks only. Finally, I saw these beautiful hills with my naked eye. In addition to that, we also ride an ATV and explore around the Chocolate Hills.



Location: Panglao, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

This was part of our island hopping tour in Panglao. We also visited Balicasag Island and did snorkeling. By the way, the sandbar here fades quickly. In this place also, we tried this snack in the area. I forgot the name. Please comment below if you know hehe

famous tourist attractions in bohol


Location: Loboc, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

This was one of my favorite experiences in Bohol. We spent our lunch here in a floating restaurant. We enjoyed the view, food, and the entertainment. We also did a short stopover to witness the locals dance and sing.



Location: Corella, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

This was my only pic of tarsier that was awake. All of them were sleeping the time we visit them. Luckily, I got a decent pic!


Location: Loboc, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

This 400-yr old church collapsed due to a 7.2 magnitude earthquake happened last October 2013. What a beautiful disaster! I wonder what it looks like today?


Location: Baclayon, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

This is the oldest church in Asia. This was also part of our countryside tour in Bohol. One of the beautiful churches I’d been to.


Location: Bilar, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

This magnicifent place is part of the reforestation project that started in 1947 and launched in 1953 to stop Loboc watershed deforestation. It has a stretch of 2 kilometers and made with white and red mahogany trees.


Location: Bilar, Bohol

famous tourist attractions in bohol

Enjoyed this place too as I saw a lot of different and colorful butteflies. And for the photo, they will make you look like a real butterfly in the photo but you have to be creative and I’m not so that’s the output. LOL

And last but not the least, we highly recommend this resort when staying in Bohol. Though this is quite expensive but definitely worth the price, The Bellevue Hotel.


18 Replies to “Famous tourist attractions in Bohol”

  1. Bohol will always be part of my bucket list places to visit. I would love to see a tarsier in real life and take photos with them. Bohol is indeed one of the best places to visit in the Philippines! I used to watch Biyahe ni Drew and he featured Bohol in one of his episodes since then, I consider it as one of the best!

  2. yesss ive been here! all of it! except sa bellevue! haha! sa dumaluan kami nag stay noon last punta namin bohol, 2011 pa! my son saw our pics kaya isa to sa mga gusto niya puntahan!

  3. I have never been to this region in Bohol exactly, well atleast I have seen from your post what to expect here aside from the wondrous chocolate hills. The church, the beach, sanctuary and the island are the ones I got to see when I got here, hopefully.

  4. I have never been to Bohol! Seriously though, when I first heard of chocolate hills, I got so ecstatic when I was a kid kasi I am a chocoholic. I thought real chocolates! Anyways, I love the island you’ve been to! Must be so calming!

  5. Bohol is one of my favorite local destinations in the Philippines. We had so much fun in Panglao, but haven’t got a chance to explore around. Which gives us more reason to come back πŸ™‚

  6. Aww this makes me miss Bohol! And yes, blogging about previous trips can help ease the sadness from not being able to travel now. Hehe! I like taking photos by the airport too – for memories sake! 😜

  7. Your photos are still good! πŸ™‚ I’ve never been to Bohol but hopefully, I can travel there when the pandemic is all over. I miss traveling too! πŸ™ Hang in there. Things will be better soon and we can travel again <3

  8. I also want to see the Chocolate Hills since I first studied that when I was in elementary. Until now, that dream is still not happening. I love that virgin beach! It looks so peaceful and breathtaking.

  9. Good thing to see Baclayon Church recuperating from the 2015(?) earthquake. I hope the NHI in Bohol is doing good about its restoration. Nakakahinayang kung hindi sya makikita at maeexperience ng kabataan ngayon. πŸ™‚

  10. Natawa ako dun sa nagpapicture sa airport kasi ginawa ko din yun. 2014 pa nung pumunta ako sa Bohol at halos same lang ang pinuntahan natin except ung bellevue hotel. Kulang na kasi budget. Hehe

  11. Bohol is one of our bucket list for travel. The sandbar and man-made forest is a nice spot for Instagram photos. Are there lots of vehicle passing in road of the man made forest? How’s the taste of that snack? We hope we can visit it after the pandemic.

  12. buti may mga file photo ka. almost all places din napuntahan ko na. i hope tourism in the Philippines will recover after this pandemic. pero dapat mindful ang mga tourists so they don’t leave dirt and destroy the environment.

  13. its been so long since we last visited bohol. Hindi pako nagsusulat sa blog nun. Now that i see this, parang gusto ko tuloy bumalik @.@ iba yung feels oh. Thanka for sharing this!

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