Balituk: A hidden paradise in Baler

Summer is over…well, for us it isn’t yet. Summer is forever!!! Even typhoons can’t stop us to hit the beach, just like what we did few weeks ago. We went to Baler not to surf, but to discover a hidden paradise located in Sabang Beach.


This hidden paradise is located in Sabang Beach. Though I will tell you that the road going here is kinda tough and rough. But don’t you worry, it’s all worth it.

balituk baler


From Cubao, take a bus going to Baler. In our case, we tried Joy Bus from Genesis going to Baler. Joy Bus has no stopovers. The travel time took 6 hours. It was kinda tiring but we’re comfortable inside the bus. Upon arriving at Baler Terminal, take a tricycle and tell the driver you’re going to Northshore. Balituk is beside it.

balituk baler

In our case, we didn’t head straight to Balituk. Since it’s almost lunch time, we decided to have our lunch first before heading to the resort. We went to Kusina Luntian. This is a must try restaurant in Baler!


Kusina Luntian: A must visit place in Baler

Now, let’s talk about what’s inside Balituk Resort. Actually, I saw their page in my news feed and what caught my attention was their Teepee Huts! It’s a triangular hut. I fell in love immediately upon seeing those photos.


So what’s inside the teepee huts? It has a fan, mattress, pillows, and blankets. The room is good for 2 people. Rate per night is 1,300 php. Additional 400 php per pax. It can accommodate up to 4 people.



Good for 2 pax – 1,300 php

Good for 5 pax – 2,800 php

Additional 400 php per pax.


Good for 2 pax – 2,800 php

Good for 4 pax – 3,400 php

Good for 6 pax – 4,400 php

Additional 500 php per pax.

balituk baler

When you enter the hut, at first, the temperature is really humid especially when afternoon. But in the evening, the temperature will become cool. Plus, you can hear the sound of the waves, which for me, is really relaxing.

balituk baler
Good morning, Baler! Customized robe from Jess Ica Robe Entourage!

If you’re not comfortable with their teepee huts, they have air-conditioned rooms that is made from container vans. How cool is that?!

balituk baler

Yep, they also have a pool inside the resort which is a plus point for me because I can’t surf by the beach. I’d rather chill in their pool instead. Note that the water in the pool is really cold!!! As in. HAHA.

balituk baler

By the way, if you avail the teepee huts, you can use the common bathroom. Don’t worry, the bathroom is clean and neat.


What I also liked about their resort is they have a Kitchen where you can cook anytime you want. Yep! So if you’re planning to cook, just bring all the ingredients and cook in their kitchen area. It has complete set and tools.

balituk baler

Here are some snaps around the resort.

balituk baler
View outside the resort
balituk baler
Colorful bean bags!
Front desk
Balituk resort in the background
balituk baler
Pool side
balituk baler
Smoking area

Aside from chilling in the resort, we tried capturing some milky way shots outside the resort and here are the results! So in love with our outputs though it wasn’t that good.

balituk baler

The next day, we had our breakfast from Masilig Eatery again… Oh the island life!

balituk baler
Good morning, Baler
balituk baler
Daing na Bangus
balituk baler

Before I forgot, Balituk Resort offers Cacao Ice Cream inside. You guys must try it! So good!

balituk baler
Cacao Ice Cream (75 php)


Accommodation – 

Rates – 

Service – 

Amenities – 

Location – 

balituk baler

We really had a relaxing stay here in Balituk. If you want to unwind and take a rest from all the stress, I recommend you to go here. Plus, the caretakers are very accommodating to our needs. I will surely go back here and will try surfing next time, promise!!!

Contact Number:

Mobile: 09175005059


Brgy. Buhangin, Baler, Aurora

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: Balituk Baler

Instagram: @balituk_baler

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  1. OMG! I’ve always dreamed of going to Baler but I thought it would cost a fortune! Any idea how much the nice AC rooms cost? Thanksss!!! Bookmarking this article indeed!

  2. Hey, Karla Nins,
    It was great seeing you earlier!
    I’ve never been to Baler but I would so love to go.
    Thanks for sharing your experience here so I’ll have a place up my sleeve when I plan my trip.

  3. Yay this place looks so nice, accessible, good food, and super affordable. I like their version of nipa hut. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Teepee house in Baler is so cute. The first time I see that kind of house is in Bolinao. Since every year we have a fam getaway this is a great place to go.

  5. Hi Nina! Balituk looks good! However, the only times I went to Baler was when I surfed. Can you confirm if the beach front of Balituk is good for surfing too? Haha

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