Balay Hilom Spa: Experience a traditional “hilot” in Katipunan

Last November 30, since it’s a holiday (Rizal Day to be exact), we decided to have some massage to release all our “lamigs” and stress from work and also to regain ourselves from all the trips and travels we had for the past few months. We paid a visit to this highly recommended spa located in Katipunan, Balay Hilom Spa.

balay hilom spa


A local spa that is located in Katipunan, focuses on spreading indigenous traditional healing in the Philippines. Yes, they offer traditional “hilot” that came from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao as well. They also called as “House of Healing“.

Here are the services they offer:


Upon entering to the place, you’ll immediately feel relaxed with the ambiance it gives because of the lighting they have plus the traditional background songs they are playing. They designed the whole place like a Nipa Hut or “Bahay Kubo” style. The interiors of the place are almost made from bamboo.

balay hilom spa

Also, upon seating at the lobby, they will give you a complimentary cup of tea. Well, they will ask you if you want water or tea, in my case, even though I really don’t like tea (but I love milktea, does it even makes sense? lol), I still gave it a try. And guess what? I loved their tea!!! I can drink it all day, I guess? LOL.

balay hilom spa
Heirloom tea…

A brew of organic, locally sourced ingredients from a recipe passed down through generations (best served with Hilot Balay Hilom)

I super loved the taste! Not too sweet and not too bitter. Just right! It actually tastes like the syrup of taho! Or is it just me? HAHAHA.

balay hilom spa

After having a cup of tea, your feet will soaked in a warm water before the traditional hilot. Uggggh, we’re just getting started but I already feel relaxed!

We tried their signature massage which is the Hilot Balay Hilom (450 php/70 mins).

Hilot Balay Hilom – With every hagod, inat, and diin, our signature deep tissue massage increases blood circulation, improves breathing, and frees your body from lamig, helping rid you of stress and leaving you feeling revitalized.

I really loved how they press their hands into my body and break all the colds that I have. In my previous massage experience, I got bruises in my body after the massage. I got a little bit nervous thinking that I will get some again but fortunately, no bruises after the massage! They were so great! I actually slept during the massage, fyi. HAHA.

Also, I loved the smell of their spray!!! We asked them what kind of spray they are using and they only answered “peppermint spray”! Now I want to search where can I find and buy that one. LOLJK. But seriously though, I really loved the smell.

After the massage, they will ask you again if you want water or tea and ofcourse, I went for tea. Hihi.


balay hilom spa

With the experience we had, I could really say that we had a great time at Balay Hilom Spa! Can’t wait to go back and try the other services too. And ofcourse, their Heirloom tea which I really loved. LOL.


Ground floor, FBR Arcade Building, Katipunan, Quezon City

Operating Hours

1:00 PM-11:00 PM, daily

Contact Numbers

Mobile: 09275358380


Social Media Account

Facebook: Balay Hilom Spa

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