Aria Gastropub: Beach-themed restobar in Quezon City

Parties are back! Kudos for almost 3 years of patience and to reward the sacrifices, why not sail your party vibe with Aria Gastropub?

Aria Gastropub is a beach-themed restobar on the rooftop of TRX Building located at Congressional Avenue. With its overlooking view of Quezon City’s skyline partnered with the nice place and set of good food, Aria is a go-to place for everyone.

It’s an instagrammable place that is open from 5PM-2AM, a perfect time to witness the beautiful sunset, and the best part of it is eating while watching the sun slowly go down, and gradually, Aria’s lively lights fill up the night. The food they serve are definitely a good combination with the place.

Mushroom Fritters

aria gastropub

It is a crispy version of fried mushroom perfect with its dip of vinegar and ketchup.

Spam Fries

A very widely known hack for spam lovers has found its way to the menu of Aria Gastropub. The spam has a rich flavor of meat, coated with bread crumbs, and the choice of your dip makes the difference!

New York’s Finest Pizza

aria gastropub

Who’s gonna say no to pizza? Aria Gastropub’s pizza topped with pepperoni, olives, and bell pepper is as simple as its toppings, yet the freshness and taste make a wonderful blend.

Baked Scallops

aria gastropub

The cheese of these freshly baked scallops gives off an addicting taste to this special dish.

Bulalo Steak

The tenderness of the meat plus its flavorful gravy compliments well with each other. Served with rice and mixed vegetables, definitely, a must try.

Crispy Pata

Crunchy skin, tender meat, and their 2-sauce combo will definitely make this dish the core of your orders. The sauces are sweet soy sauce and a thick sauce gravy-like dip with a sweet and spicy taste.

Always save room for dessert so we’ve tasted 3 of Arias’ desserts.


aria gastropub

A classic dessert from Spain. Aria Gastropub’s version of churros is thin and not oily perfect with its chocolate dip.

Fried Ice Cream

Cold yet fried ice cream covered with caramel crunch. A sweet and salty taste dessert that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Mango Peanut Crepe

aria gastropub

Another dessert topped with vanilla ice cream. Brings a fresh taste with its mangoes and the texture of peanuts that come with a crepe.

They also have refreshing beverages such as Lemonade and Red Blitz Iced Tea.

aria gastropub

Of course, Aria Gastropub wouldn’t be complete without refreshing cocktails and alcohol. They served us a refreshing Tequilla Sunrise and a sweet combination of chocolate and alcohol in the form of Mudslide.

They also have a VIP room wherein you can rent for 9 hours for only 15,000 PHP as a consumable.

Planning to unwind and get the most out of your weekend relaxation? Visit Aria Gastropub now! A great vibe in the middle of the busy city!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the full details,i really appreciate that🤗grabe ang ganda po dito💯,really amazing!!their foods look soo good and delicious too,nakakaenjoy naman pumunta dito❤️🤗

  2. Yay love it ig worthy ng place🤗🤗 perfect place to relax and enjoy plus yung food din nila mukhang ang sarap😍😍must visit yan.

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