Tea Gumps: Grand opening of Tanay branch

We all know about this “milk tea hype” nowadays. Who wouldn’t love milk tea, anyways? Just recently, we invaded the province of Rizal since we’re invited for the grand opening of Tea Gumps newest branch in Tanay.

tea gumps tanay


This milk tea shop is famous in Rizal. In fact, they have a total of 8 branches up to date. The owner, Sir EJ, who is also a milk tea lover decided to start his own milk tea shop right after he graduated from college.

tea gumps tanay
They are located at Lexar Building along Sampaloc Road.

Since we’re present during the grand opening of Tanay branch. Here are some snippets during the event.

The event started with a short mass outside. The priest, owner and his family, and staff were present of course.

Photo_1556798747855tea gumps tanay

Next was the blessing of the whole area with holy water and ribbon cutting.

Photo_1556798684424Photo_1556798681808Photo_1556798679130tea gumps tanay

Of course, there’s food! Yay. While enjoying the food, we were entertained by “Lukresia” who made us laugh and enjoy the day at Tea Gumps.

Photo_1556798612550tea gumps tanay

Since it was their grand opening, the place was jam-packed the whole day! They also had a promo which is Buy 1 Get 1 Milk Tea during the grand opening.

Photo_1556799157086Photo_1556799154205tea gumps tanayPhoto_1556799070326

Loved the cozy and minimalist ambiance of the place. You will also notice that they have their own commercial too. Great job on this one!

tea gumps tanayPhoto_1556799078457Photo_1556799159876

Now, let’s go over to their food, which was the main reason of our visit. Hihi. They offer finger food, pasta, and pizza. Of course, they have various offer of drinks.

tea gumps tanay

For the drinks, they have milk teas, fruit teas, yakult series, caffe latte, and more.

tea gumps tanay

For the milk tea series, we had their best seller which is the Wintermelon Milk Tea. After few minutes of picture taking, you can still taste the flavor of it. Liked this drink. The tapioca pearls were chewy too!

tea gumps tanay
Wintermelon Milk Tea (95 php)

If you want to try their Fruit Teas, I highly recommend their Lychee Fruit Tea, super good and refreshing! It reminded me of Mogu-Mogu Lychee hihi.

tea gumps tanay
Lychee Fruit Tea (90 php)

If you’re a coffee lover, you can try their Caffe Latte Series. We had their Salted Caramel Caffe Latte but I think we can’t taste the sweetness of it. Maybe because we drink it after few minutes of picture taking.

tea gumps tanay
Salted Caramel Caffe Latte (115 php)

They also offer Luxury Series at Tea Gumps. We tried their Magnum Ice Cream Frappe which was also my favorite drink from them!

tea gumps tanay
Magnum Ice Cream Frappe (190 php)

I noticed the affordable and reasonable prices of each drink and snacks. Also for the snacks, here are the food we got.

tea gumps tanay
Nacho Grande (180 php)
tea gumps tanay
Cheesy Beef Roll (140 php)
tea gumps tanay
Buttered Barbeque Wings (115 php)
tea gumps tanay
Tuna Pesto (95 php)

My personal fave were the Cheesy Beef Roll and Tuna Pesto. So rich in flavor! YUM :P Also love their dips and plating! Plus points!


Before I forgot, they are now planning to expand and they are targeting Metro Manila this year! Yay, so excited for this. If you’re planning to franchise, contact them at teagumps.franchising@gmail.com.


Food – ⭐⭐

Price – ⭐⭐

Service – ⭐⭐

Ambiance – ⭐⭐

Location – 

tea gumps tanay

Overall, Tea Gumps is a perfect place to hangout with friends and family. With their affordable prices, this can be a hit to other popular milk tea shops in the Metro. Also, super excited to see a branch here in Quezon City! For now, if you’re near Tanay, please visit their newly opened branch there! The staff are nice and accommodating!

Contact Number:

Landline: (02)9858527

E-mail: teagumps@yahoo.com

Operating Hours:

9:00 AM-12:45 AM, daily


Lexar Building, Sampaloc Road, Tanay, Rizal

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: Tea GUMPS

Instagram: @tea_gumps.official



15 thoughts on “Tea Gumps: Grand opening of Tanay branch

  1. Well, I’m not able to drink milktea this vacation haha since there’s is no milktea shop here buttttttt since I’m studying on a city, I am having a ‘sulit time’ drinking milktea on school days hahaha. That’s why I’m very excited again on start of classes. Wish Dagupan, City have that milktea shop!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m honestly not a milk tea fan although I don’t hate it either. I can take sips from my wife’s cup but that’s just about it. On rare occassions, I can finish a large cup. I’d prefer coffee over milk tea any time of the day. Anyway, the food looks promising.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Any news kung susubok silang mag lagay ng branch sa Metro? Hindi din ako fan ng milk tea pero pagdating sa food – pwede ko subukan kahit ano pa yan.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on their successful opening. Though I dont drink milk tea because of high sugar content, its good that business is doing good in the Philippines.

    Liked by 1 person

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