10 things to do in Camp Benjamin

Summer is already here! It’s that time of the year where every people are looking for a great place to spend their summer memorable with family and friends. If you guys didn’t know, last February, we went to Alfonso, Cavite to spent our weekend in a famous destination there. I’m talking about Camp Benjamin.

camp benjamin
Entrance gate of Camp Benjamin


This 4.7-hectare multi-purpose facilty with an adjacent 9.1-hectare integrated and natural farm opened on July, 2011. This is one of the famous one-stop destination in Alfonso, Cavite, not only for Filipinos but for foreigners as well.

Facilities and amenities in Camp Benjamin

Here are the things you can do inside Camp Benjamin.

1. Enjoy the food at Mon’s Restaurant

Dig in at their restaurant that serves sumptuous dishes. All the ingredients are came from their farm.

camp benjamin


2. Dine under the stars with your special someone

Looking for the best romantic place to celebrate something special? Reserve a slot here and enjoy their full-course menu. Check our full experience here.

camp benjamin


3. Stay in their Cabana Suites

Love to stay in the middle of trees and greens? Then this place is for you. Their cabana suites is located far from the main building of the hotel if you want to connect more with nature.

camp benjamin

camp benjamin

4. Spend your ultimate Garden Wedding here

Ringing the bells soon? Camp Benjamin also offer weddings, such as garden wedding. This is just near the cabana suites area. You can have your honeymoon after.

camp benjamin

camp benjamin

5. Celebrate various events at The Center

Celebrating Christmas Party in your company? This might be a great place for your event. The Center is a huge place that established perfectly for big and special events.

camp benjamin

camp benjamin

6. Take a quick game in their Basketball Court

Yes, they also have a court for ballers out there. You can borrow a ball in the front desk of Shalom Hotel.

camp benjamin

Watch our short clip here. Don’t judge us, please. LOL.

7. Have a farm visit at WIN Farm

Yes, Camp Benjamin has a farm inside. It’s called WIN Farm. All the ingredients they are using at Mon’s Restaurant comes from here.

camp benjamin

They are also selling local products here. #SupportLocal

camp benjamin

8. Take a dip in their infinity pool

Come on, guys. We came here because it’s summer. Never miss a chance to dip in their infinity pool. It comes with a kiddie and adult pool.

camp benjamin

camp benjamin

9. Have some outdoor activities

Try their, wall climbing, bubble slide, and zipline!!! It’s all fun! They also offer obstacle course if you’re here for teambuilding.

camp benjamin

10. Of course, take good pictures around Camp Benjamin

I must say, Camp Benjamin is a really nice place. Every corner is perfect for a photo ops. Make sure you bring your camera with you, always. HEHE.

camp benjamin

camp benjamin


Room – 

Rates – 

Service – 

Amenities – 

Location – 

camp benjamin

I agree! This place is your one-stop destination! All that you’re looking for are in here. Hope I can come back again real soon and hopefully, they have more exciting offer and activities to try soon.

Contact Numbers:

Mobile: 09182091023 / 09455390051 / 09325483054

Landline: (046)4432163

E-mail: inquire@campbenjamin.com.ph


Alfonso-Maragondon Road, Brgy. Taywanak-Ilaya, Alfonso, Cavite

Social Media Account:

Website: www.campbenjamin.com.ph

Facebook: Camp Benjamin

Instagram: @camp.benjamin


14 thoughts on “10 things to do in Camp Benjamin

  1. The whole place looks really nice although I think this is the same place where I commented on their pricey accommodation rates:-)… It’s good to know there are many things to do here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This reminded me of Costales Nature Farm in Laguna which also uses the ingredients from their farm in there restaurant. :) Anyway, this seems like a lovely resort and family-friendly too with all the available activities.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think i’ll enjoy this a lot with my bf or my friends. I love places that offer various amenities and activities at the same time so I’ll recommend this to my friends!

    Liked by 1 person

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