“Bodhi” at La Bella Tagaytay

One of the places we went during our anniversary were the Bodhi Mind and Body Shop and Bodhi Cafe and Library that is located inside La Bella Tagaytay.

la bella tagaytay


This Santorini-inspired haven is located in Brgy. Neogan, Tagaytay. This is a one-stop place because you can do all things here. Indeed, a lifestyle with infrastructure.

la bella tagaytayPhoto_1552489967001Photo_1552489971815

One of the amenities inside La Bella are the Bodhi Mind and Body Shop and Bodhi Cafe and Library.


By the way, the word “BODHI” came from the name of a tree which is Bodhi Tree, wherein Gautuma Siddharta “Buddha” had his enlightenment.

la bella tagaytay

It means, inside this shop, you can have a peaceful time looking or buying some essentials for yourself.


Done shopping for your essentials? Take some relaxation in their Cafe & Library! Yay.


Before going to the cafe, this will welcome you upstairs… NOTE: Don’t forget to take many shots here, okay?! HAHAHA.

la bella tagaytayPhoto_1550719886380Photo_1550719888946Photo_1550719891350

Now you’re on the second floor, you can finally see the glimpse of the cafe and library…


And now, let’s go inside the library… Actually, it’s not a library because the shelves here are locked. Huhu *sad* I guess, it’s just part of the design of the place.

la bella tagaytayPhoto_1550720017533Photo_1550719955007Photo_1550720068670Photo_1550719959081Photo_1550720071160Photo_1550720013006Photo_1550719956928

Outside the shop, you can also sit for a while. Relax and feel the cold breeze in Tagaytay…


Note that there have NO ENTRANCE FEE here. If you wish to take a dip at their infinity pool, the fee is 150 php per head.

la bella tagaytay

Where to eat in La Bella?

El Cocinero, a Spanish restaurant that serves authentic Spanish cuisine.

How to get there?

From PITX, take a bus bound for Nasugbu/Alfonso (via Tagaytay City). Tell the conductor to drop you off at Radar. From there, you can walk for about 5 minutes to La Bella.

Social Media Accounts

Website: www.labellatagaytay.com

Facebook: La Bella Tagaytay

Instagram: @labellatagaytay



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