Aozora Japanese Restaurant: A hidden Japanese resto in Tagaytay

Last January, Ian and I celebrated our 8th anniversary as a couple in our favorite go-to destination in the South, Tagaytay. We spent 3 days in Tagaytay so we really maximized our time visiting new places and restaurant. LOL. Yep! We’ve been there so many times yet we keep on coming back. We consider Tagaytay as our second home. <3

aozora tagaytay
Late lunch!!! Post-anniversary celebration! Yay

And for our first stop, we had our late lunch in a Japanese restaurant, Aozora Japanese Restaurant.


This is said to be the first authentic Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay. Aozora is a Japanese word which means “blue sky“. They named it that way because in here, you can experience good food with a good view/ambiance. They also known as “The place where your taste meets the sky.

aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725183392

By the way, they only have two branches as of now, both located in Tagaytay. Here’s the address:

Branch 1: Tagaytay-Calamba corner SVD Road, in front of Discovery Country Suites, Tagaytay City

Branch 2: Purok 157, Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City

We went to Branch 1 since we’re more familiar with the address rather than the other one.

aozora tagaytay
They have a tarpaulin from Tripadvisor!

When you open the door, you will feel its Japan-vibe already because of its interior and design. They have a mezanine too!

aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725078307Photo_1549725080519Photo_1549725083076Photo_1549725085428

They also have few seats outside. If you want to enjoy the cool breeze in Tagaytay. Hehe.

View outside


They even have a sushi bar too!

Photo_1549725398258Photo_1549725349793Photo_1549725395524Photo_1549725393033aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725348079

Now, let’s stop here. Let’s go to the main event. The food!!! Since we had our late lunch, we we’re really hungry so we ordered many food.

DISCLAIMER: There were only two people who ate all of these food. HAHAHA.


Gyoza (280 php)

aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725235016Photo_1549725237305

I super loved the serving of their gyoza. So huge! Not your ordinary gyoza, plus it was really good! HUHU. I want their gyoza again. Pls send me some. JK.


Dragon Maki (385 php)

aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725190387Photo_1549725192605

Kudos to them! I super loved the plating but loving more the taste!!! I’m really not a fan of maki but this one is exception! Super good. Nothing can go wrong with kewpie! YUM!


Tonkatsu (295 php)

aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725293677

I felt quite bad about their Tonkatsu. I don’t know if it’s because of the sauce. HUHU. But Ian told me it’s not that bad. I guess my palate that day was not for Tonkatsu hihi.


Aozora Ramen (350 php)

aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725241547Photo_1549725344295

Of course, we won’t forgot Ramen! And because we’re in Tagaytay, why not try their Bulalo Ramen, right? Very creative idea by the chef. It really tasted like Bulalo! I loved how they cooked the Tamago (egg). The bulalo and noodles were so tender! And of course, the soup was so heavenly good.


Mango Tempura (190 php)

aozora tagaytayPhoto_1549725438017Photo_1549725440453

That time, their mango was not that sweet but I think that was okay. It compliment the vanilla ice cream. One serving is already enough for two person. But we had two order of these so spell MATAKAW? HAHA.


Food – 

Price – 

Service – ⭐⭐

Ambiance – ⭐⭐

Location – 

aozora tagaytay

Didn’t regret spending our post-anniversary date here! We had an intimate lunch because of its quiet ambiance and Japan vibe. Plus, all the food were good and worth it! I will highly recommend this place to everyone who crave for Japanese food. I can say that all the food they prepare is really authentic. Hope they will open a branch soon here in Manila, please? :)

Contact Number:

Mobile: 09369809656


Operating Hours:

9:00 AM-9:00 PM, Monday to Friday

9:00 AM-10:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday


Tagaytay-Calamba Corner SVD Road, In Front of Discovery Country Suites, Tagaytay City

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: Aozora Japanese Restaurant

Instagram: @aozoraph


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