Grumpy Joe: A must try restaurant in Baguio

On our 1st day in Baguio, we had our lunch in one of the famous go-to restaurants in Baguio, Grumpy Joe. I really wanted to maximize our trip in Baguio that’s why I research a lot, where to go and eat, including the best restaurants in the city.

grumpy joe baguio
Their logo outside


It is an Italian-American food joint along Leonard Wood Road. It started operating last March, 2014. It’s also near in one of the famous restaurants in Baguio which is the 50’s Diner.

grumpy joe baguio
Jampacked during peak hours!

It is situated on a second floor of a commercial building. Although their place is a little bit small, it still have that relaxing ambiance inside. When we went there, it’s almost Halloween that’s why they decorated the place like these… Such a cutie!

grumpy joe baguiogrumpy joe baguiogrumpy joe baguio

grumpy joe baguio
Mini bar area…

Now, let’s go to the food! Since two of our friends already went here, they recommended the restaurant’s best sellers and it didn’t disappoint us! YUM!

grumpy joe baguio
Dip and Nachos (135 php)
grumpy joe baguio
Lasagna (205 php)
grumpy joe baguio
Spicy Seafood Pesto (240 php)
grumpy joe baguio
Aloha 5 Cheese (Half: 270) and Grumpy Joe (Half: 275)

Aside from these, they also have chickens, burgers, fries, mojos, salads, rice meals, frappes, desserts, etc. As of October 2018, here is their menu…


  1. Aloha 5 Cheese – It will be kinda biased because I’m a cheese lover but I’m telling you, this one is really good. I can eat a box of these errday!

    grumpy joe baguio
    Look at that!!! Mouth-watering!
  2. Spicy Seafood Pesto – I’m quite surprised with their serving. A plate is good for 2-3 pax already. This one is my fave too because duh!? It’s SPICY. Lol. But I swear, their pasta is really flavorful. You gotta try this!


grumpy joe baguio
All the food were really good! So good!!!

I really enjoyed dining here! All the food were good and delicious. Not to mention that all of these were very affordable and good for sharing! No wonder that they are jampacked everyday especially during lunch and dinner. JUST A TIP: Visit them during off peak hours to avoid long lines. Luckily, we went there right before lunch time. Yey!

Also, I wish they will open a branch here in Manila. I heard that they have only two branches right now. One in Baguio and the other one in La Union. Hope the owner will hear my wish/prayer. LOL.

Food –

Price – 

Service –

Ambiance –

Location –


111 Jungle Town, Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City

Contact Number

Mobile: 09159120202

Operating Hours

10:00 AM-9:00 PM, daily

Social Media Account

Facebook: Grumpy Joe

Instagram: @grumpyjoerestaurant


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11 thoughts on “Grumpy Joe: A must try restaurant in Baguio

  1. It’s nice to know that there are still new food places we can check in Baguio. Even if it is already invaded by tourists, this is still one of my favorite vacation spots. This reminds me of 50s Diner, btw. Ah malapit lang pala sa 50s! :) Hope you can try Forest House and Plakafe too on your next visit.

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