Valleypoint Campsite: The first glamping site in Benguet

My close friends knew that we love having staycations to chill and relax coming from a stressful work. You can see it in my page that we’ve been to a lot of cozy and insta-worthy hotels around the Metro. But when I saw a post from my feed that there’s a newly opened glamping site in Benguet, I immediately jumped over to their page to check out on them and I found Valleypoint Campsite.

valleypoint campsite
So inlove with this place!

In case you missed it, I already experienced glamping and we had it in Bulacan. Read our first ever glamping experience here.


This campsite opened last August, 2018. This is the first glamping site in Tuba, Benguet. You will encounter an ultimate camping experience though glamping. Don’t worry if you can’t take the coldness outside, they have rooms too.

valleypoint campsite

This is only 30 minutes away from Baguio City. So if you’re looking for a side trip, why not take a visit at Valleypoint Campsite, right?


What I really loved about this place is the view! A breathtaking view. Never in my entire life that I saw a view like these. Every corner is a perfect spot for a photo ops.

valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_76920834076282_20181030_215445154-01valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_71196497755280_20181030_201651203-01LRM_EXPORT_70591175285060_20181030_200645880-01LRM_EXPORT_69598238206566_20181030_195012943-01

Plus, witness how the fog covers the whole place in just seconds.

LRM_EXPORT_65837738369639_20181030_165221759-01valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_63004381608093_20181030_160356107-01LRM_EXPORT_78640770790602_20181030_222429129-01

valleypoint campsite

Wait for the sunset… It’s amazingly beautiful. These photos just didn’t do justice. Hehe.

valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_68521966080167_20181030_193216670-01LRM_EXPORT_68615899958799_20181030_193350605-01

Look how peaceful and quiet this place can be at night…

valleypoint campsite
Valleypoint Campsite at night


We availed their Glamping accommodation wherein you can experience to stay in a dual-layer tent. It has a foam, pillows, and thick blankets to comfort you when you sleep. They also have a storage box to secure your belongings.

valleypoint campsite

valleypoint campsite
Their tent is spacious. It can accommodate up to 4 people.

We definitely had a good sleep because of the cold and breezy weather. YAY!

valleypoint campsite
Just woke up faces LOL


Only campers are allowed here. But I’m not sure if that is being implemented well. You can just literally chill and kill some time here. They have books and board & card games inside too.

valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_63374814814807_20181030_161006541-01LRM_EXPORT_63671845013199_20181030_161503571-01

Super enjoyed and inlove with their big bean bags. I’m thinking of owning/having one in the future. Hehe.

valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_64385389768298_20181030_162809410-01

This is how we enjoyed the bean bags. HAHA. Literally our fave area!

valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_63822581564739_20181030_161734307-01

NOTE: Camper’s Chill Area is open until 10:00 PM only.


Their restaurant got all you need. So don’t need to worry if you want some drinks or beer before you sleep. They have a mini bar inside.

valleypoint campsiteLRM_EXPORT_63069644457562_20181030_160501370-01

Plus, the food were all good and really affordable. They have combo meals and ala carte.

These were the dishes we had for dinner. Take note that you can refill the soup, too. Hehe

valleypoint campsite
Sinigang na Baboy (259 php)
valleypoint campsite
Lechon Kawali (259 php)
valleypoint campsite
Sizzling Pork Sisig (159 php)

Included in our package is the free breakfast. They will ask you beforehand what do you want for breakfast.

valleypoint campsite
Tapsilog and Bangsilog for breakfast with a view

Before I forgot, you can have coffee for as long as you want. Yes, they offer unlimited coffee!!! #COFFEEISLIFE

valleypoint campsite
They served us a cup of coffee upon arriving. Coz’ why not? 


Inlcuding in the glamping package is their Airsoft. It is commonly compared to paintball.

valleypoint campsite
Feeling pro… LOL

NOTE: You have a consumable of 150 rounds riffle. 

LRM_EXPORT_77734351473032_20181030_220818671-01valleypoint campsitebtfLRM_EXPORT_78233554146915_20181030_221741912-01



Check in – 2:00 PM 
Check out – 11:30 AM

Solo – 1,350 php
2 pax – 1,250 php/head
3 pax – 1,000 php/head
4 pax – 850/head

– Waterproof, dual layer tent
– Uratex foam/s
– Blanket/s
– Pillow/s
– Bed sheet
– Flat sheet
– Storage box
– Unlimited brewed coffee
– Free breakfast
– Airsoft coupon 150 rounds riffle
– Access to camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck
– Free parking


Check in – 2:00 PM
Check out – 11:30 AM

Rate: 750 php/head

– Bed bunk
– Blanket
– Pillow
– Curtain divider
– Personal lighting
– Personal locker
– Unlimited brewed coffee
– Free breakfast
– Airsoft coupon 150 rounds riffle
– Access to camper’s area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck
– Free parking

NOTE: They have 3 types of rooms available for backpackers with capacities of 4 pax, 6 pax, and 10 pax. Beds are single or double decks. The room may be shared with others if a group is unable to fill the maximum capacity of the room.


Check in – 8:00 AM

Check out – 5:30 PM

Rate: 500 php/head

– Unlimited brewed coffee
– Free breakfast
 Airsoft coupon 150 rounds riffle
– Access to camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, view deck, rest rooms
– Free parking


– Accepts walk-in visitors
 No entrance fee
– Reservation is required for groups of 10 pax and above only
– Food prices range from 99 php to 259 php
– Free parking



Rates varies (starts at 500 php)

– Burnham Park
– Botanical Garden
– Wright Park
– The Mansion
Good Shepherd for pasalubong
– BenCab Museum
– Tam-awan Village
– Diplomat Hotel
– Lourdes Grotto
– Strawberry Farm


Duration varies (included in special package)
– Pick up/Drop Off from any point in Baguio
– Pick up/Drop Off during city tour
– Pick up/Drop Off from airport


Kindly message them the following information to make a reservation:
– Number of guest/s
– Contact number
– Date of arrival
– Date of departure


Phone: 09081097663



Facebook: Valleypoint Campsite

Instagram: @valleypointcampsite


  • From Cubao, ride a bus going to Baguio and drop off at Green Valley, the landmark is Petron.
  • From there, ride a taxi going to the campsite. Upon going to the campsite, you’ll ecnounter a checkpoint but tell them you’re going to Valleypoint Campsite. The estimated fare is around 100 to 120 php. You can also avail their car pickup service. Just inform them beforehand. Travel time is 10-15 minutes.


So far, we did enjoyed our glamping experience! Will I recommend it to everyone? Definitely YES! This is a unique way to unwind from a stressful work.

valleypoint campsite

Thank you Valleypoint Campsite for this unforgettable glamping experience! <3



19 thoughts on “Valleypoint Campsite: The first glamping site in Benguet

    1. I just said that it can accommodate up to 4 people but they just limit the tent up to 3 pax only. For the bathroom, it is near the glamping area, it has hot and cold shower. It’s clean also.


  1. I appreciate glamping very much but I am quite afraid of the cold. If I am to visit, I might still go for the rooms! haha. Would add this on my list when I visit Benguet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Never been to this place and glad that you had a wonderful experience. Glamping is another travel trend that Baguio should do more.


  3. This sounds great! Would have loved to do this with my kids. But I’m worried they would walk up in the middle of the night and want to use the rest room. How far is the rest room from the tents?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not a fan of camping because walang air masyado pumapasok sa loob and nasusuffocate ako so I was super happy na a lot of places offer glamping na and in Baguio pa? I really love Baguio’s breezy and cold weather! I just wanna know how cold it was when you went there? Do I have to wear layers of clothes? Malamigin kasi ako :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Malamigin din ako and actually sinipon ako after this trip. Hahaha. Di ko na maalala kung gano kalamig. Pero sa labas super lamig talaga. Sa tent naman di na ako nag-doble ng damit. Tsaka yung kumot nila dalawa 😍


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