Gift Avenue Cafe: A cafe and concept store in Cubao

Holidays are now starting to pile up in the coming weeks! Are you starting doing your Christmas shopping? Well, if you still haven’t (like me), I will recommend a place for you guys where you can dine, shop, and even get artsy at the same time! Want to know where?! Please continue reading. Hehe…


A newly opened arts and crafts cafe that is located in Cubao that allows you to eat and shop. It’s very perfect for “millenials” because of its artsy interior. About their shop, they want to promote and showcase local products. Also, if you’re an inspiring artist, maybe this is the place you’re looking for to showcase your work/s because they really want to promote and showcase Filipino/local arts.

gift avenue cafe
View outside the cafe

Since Halloween is near, their cafe is Halloween-inspired as of this writing.

gift avenue cafe
Hello there little spidey :)

Let’s explore the place!!!


This is where you can just chill with friends or just study alone. Sometimes, they make it a workshop place too.

gift avenue cafeLRM_EXPORT_16739342314633_20181016_090539749-01LRM_EXPORT_16610347525069_20181016_090330758-01LRM_EXPORT_16542701692267_20181016_090223112-01LRM_EXPORT_16800692543269_20181016_090641103-01


This is where they hold workshop events. Sometimes, they accept this as a meeting place also. For inquiries, you can contact them personally. Contacts are down below.

gift avenue cafe

Hi, Petunia!



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Here are some of the products/crafts that the cafe is selling…

gift avenue cafeLRM_EXPORT_15630827889802_20181016_084626722-01LRM_EXPORT_15842030406436_20181016_085016429-01LRM_EXPORT_17441939005671_20181016_091722349-01LRM_EXPORT_16182593466280_20181016_085623004-01


gift avenue cafeLRM_EXPORT_16280177016786_20181016_085800587-01LRM_EXPORT_16340326424589_20181016_085900737-01LRM_EXPORT_16408449027183_20181016_090008859-01LRM_EXPORT_16962593397932_20181016_090923004-01

Now, let’s go to the main event! The FOOD! Yum.

gift avenue cafe
Our food for the day! YUM. Not in the photo, the 2 additional desserts that the cafe gave us. Hehe


gift avenue cafe
Ultimate Nacho Fries (279 php)

crunchy nachos and fried overloaded with savory toppings


gift avenue cafe
Salted Egg Shrimp (249 php)

fresh shrimps coated with homemade salted egg flavor


gift avenue cafe
Spicy Bacon & Ham (119 php)


gift avenue cafe
Gift Avenue Signature Burger (289 php)

overwhelming combination of Burger 81 patty, bacon, jalapeno, egg, tomato, lettuce, and fries


COFFEE BASED: Salted Caramel (149 php)
gift avenue cafe
CREAM BASED: Roasted Almond & Butterscotch (159 php)


gift avenue cafe
Classic Sansrival (149 php)
gift avenue cafe
Blueberry Cheesecake (139 php)
gift avenue cafe
Coffee Espresso Cake

Thank you Gift Avenue Cafe for having us! We did enjoyed the food and the place! :)

Let’s eat!!! :)



This cafe offers Western-Filipino dishes from breakfast meals up to dinner. One of the staff told us that all the food they prepare are all original and homemade! Wow! I also noticed the food is good for sharing, I guess? :)

Actually, all the food we had were really good and I recommend it to all but these were the one who really got me!


  1. Gift Avenue Signature Burger – I was shocked when they served it to us!!! Super overloaded! The patty was super juicy and yes, their patty is homemade! So good! Second reason why I loved it was because it has jalapeno that tasted a bit spicy. Hoo!!! Love anything that spicy!!!
  2. Salted Egg Shrimp – Ian got this one. While we’re deciding what to order, he really don’t know what to order. But when he saw this dish, ITS OVER. HAHAHA. And it didn’t disappoint us! You can really taste the salted egg! Plus, it’s very easy to eat because you don’t need to take off the shell. Yay!
  3. Classic Sansrival – First time that we decided not to choose cheesecake this time (but the cafe is too generous because they gave us two desserts more, and one is no other than blueberry cheesecake, lol!). We’re so lucky because this cake is super good! Aside from this one is also their best seller that’s why we chose it. The meringue is so good. Not too sweet. Just perfect for those who don’t have sweet tooth.


The price are quite pricey but very reasonable because I swear! All the food we had were super good!!! Especially their desserts!!! Super heavenly good!


Upon entering the cafe, on staff will immediately assists you. That’s a plus point to us! Because some cafe will not accommodate you unless you’re a regular customer. So kudos to the staff!!!

From time to time, they go to each customer to ask if they need something or anything. So I guess they are really accommodating!

About the serving of the food, it took 10-15 minutes before they served the food to us.


The cafe is very artsy! I like it because it still looks clean despite of the colorful interior it has. I guess, from time to time, they have a theme because when we went there, they have Halloween-inspired theme.


Its location is very strategic! It’s inside the mall and very near to schools/universities around Cubao. So mostly, students (mostly millenials) are visiting the place.


8:00 AM-10:00 PM, Monday to Thursday

8:00 AM-11:00 PM, Friday and Saturday

10:00 AM-11:00 PM, Sunday





G/F, Gateway Mall, Level 1, Araneta Center, Quezon City


Facebook: Gift Avenue Cafe

Instagram: @giftavenuecafe

Please watch our short video clip at Gift Avenue Cafe!!!


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