Guun-Gogi: The first Korean BBQ with hotpot in Batasan, QC


Guun-Gogi means “grilled meats“. It is the first Korean BBQ restaurant with hotpot that is located in Batasan-San Mateo Road. They have 11 side dishes that is so good. They opened last August, 2018. It is owned by Chef Geejay De Guzman.

The first Korean BBQ with hotpot in QC

Look how spacious the place is! The place is clean. The place is not crowded (because of the space) unlike in other Korean BBQ restos.


Here, you can get some of the side dishes all by yourself. Yes, self-service.


Here is their menu…


Now, let’s go to the main event!!! The FOOD…

They used charcoal grill which makes the meat tastes better than when using butane.


They have 11 side dishes. Our fave were the kimchi, sweet potato marble, and the jap chae!!!


For the pork and beef, they have plain and pre-flavored meats. The meat has thin cuts but it’s all good! Very easy to cook! Super good!!!


Plus the hotpot!!! Yummy!


One of my fave side dish, JAP CHAE!!! So yummy and flavorful!

Jap chae!!!

Selfie muna bago kumain. LOL!

From “babe time” to “blog time” LOL




First time that I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant with a hotpot! OMG! Spell sulit?! Plus, they have 11 side dishes. Yes, 11! I have nothing to complain about their food. Super good!!!

Some of the pork and beef were pre-flavored! It has thin cuts but I find it okay. The meat was so tender and easy to cook! They use charcoal grill instead of butane. So the meat tastes better than when it is cook using butane.

About the hotpot, I just find the soup quite salty? Or is it just me?! I don’t know. HAHA. But it was good overall.

TIP: Just be creative with the hotpot, you can add some ingredients coming from some of the side dishes. Hehe.

They offer drinks such as soju inside. Soon, they will have desserts too! YUM!

NOTE: No time limit, guys. Enjoy the food!


Imagine, you can have unlimited pork with hotpot for only 399 php. For pork and beef with hotpot, it is 499 php.

NOTE: They charge for leftover food.


The staff were so accommodating not only to us but to all the customers inside.

Since they use charcoal grill, they make sure to change it from time to time.

By the way, you can refill some of the side dishes by yourself. Yes, they have a corner wherein you can refill some of their side dishes.


The place is clean and neat. It is well-ventilated too. The place doesn’t feel crowded because the space is huge. Love the light ambiance of the place.


The first Korean BBQ restaurant in Batasan-San Mateo Road. I’m super happy! This is so near to my place! Love the location of the place. Very accessible to commuters because it is located in the highway.


11:00 AM-11:00 PM, daily




 Lot 2 and 3 Block 7, Batasan-San Mateo Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City


Facebook: Guun-Gogi 구운 고기 Unlimited Korean Charcoal BBQ

Watch our short clip during our visit at Guun-Gogi!!!




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