Tito’s Fil-Mex: Now open in Ayala Malls Feliz

There are few Filipino-Mexican restaurants around here in Metro. But most of them are quite pricey for me. Now, there’s another Fil-Mex resto opened along Pasig City and I’m so happy because the food were really affordable!

tito's fil-mex


Opened this August, 2018. This Filipino-Mexican restaurant is owned by Camille Prats and her husband VJ Yambao. So if you want to see them or the Prats family, drop by at their resto and you might see them there! :)

tito's fil-mex

Upon entering the place, you will see colorful tables and chairs.

The kitchen is kinda open so you can see how they cook and prepare the food.

tito's fil-mex
Kitchen on the left, mini bar on the right
tito's fil-mex
Their mini bar
tito's fil-mex
Condiments and toothpicks

The main event…FOOD!!!

tito's fil-mex


For the drinks, they have beers, spirits, shakes, house wines, cocktails, etc.

tito's fil-mex
Home Blend Iced Tea (90 php)


tito's fil-mex
Tres Quesodillas (199 php)
tito's fil-mex
Fajitas (219 php)
tito's fil-mex
Nachos Trio (189 php)



tito's fil-mex
El Patron (519 php) with Mashed Yucca (49 php)
tito's fil-mex
El Patron (519 php) with Taco Rice (79 php)
tito's fil-mex
El Patron (519 php) with Java Rice (59 php)
tito's fil-mex
Sisig Burritos (199 php)


tito's fil-mex
Choco Taco (249 php)

chocolate ice cream, oreo crumbles, mallows, and nips

tito's fil-mex
Taco De Quezo (239 php)

cheese ice cream, mallows, nips, and strawberry syrup

tito's fil-mex
Cinnamon Rolled Up (219 php)

soft roll, cinnamon sugar, cream cheese, and vanilla ice cream



I loved how they combined Filipino and Mexican food. All the food that they served to us were tasty and good! I also commend their good plating! Plus point for this.


  1. Tres Quesodillas – I’m a cheese lover so this is my number 1. Hehe. Biased but it’s really good. The cheese really melts in your mouth. Uggggh.
  2. Sisig Burritos – I loved how they put sisig in the burritos. Not a fan of burritos but this is an exemption. HEHE. Who doesn’t love sisig, by the way? The meat were so tender and chewable. Just be careful when eating this, it’s kinda messy. HEHE.
  3. Fajitas – The crowd favorite. All of us enjoyed this food. It’s actually my first time eating this so I really don’t know how it should taste but I loved how they cooked their meat. So tender and their dip was amazingly delish!


The food were very affordable! It ranges from 40-500 php only! Again, all the food were good so you have to try this! The serving of the food is good for sharing so you don’t have any problem.


The serving of the food were quite slowly because they really cooked the food well since it’s mostly meat. I commend the staff though they are only few and still accommodated us one by one if we have queries.


My expectation was the food is huge because it looks like big in their page but it’s not that big. You will feel a little bit Mexican-vibe because of its wall designs. It has also colorful chairs and tables and has a mini bar beside the kitchen.


Ayala Malls Feliz is a newly-opened mall in Pasig City along Marcos Highway. You can visit them any day during mall hours. The place is very accessible because it’s inside the mall and the mall is just located along the highway so if you’re hungry, you can drop by at their restaurant.


10:00 AM-9:00 PM, Monday to Thursday

10:00 AM-10:00 PM, Friday to Sunday


 5th Floor, Ayala Malls Feliz, Marcos Highway, Pasig City


Facebook: Tito’s Fil-Mex

Instagram: @titosfilmexresto


11 thoughts on “Tito’s Fil-Mex: Now open in Ayala Malls Feliz

  1. Wow it’s owned by Camille Prats :O

    I like their vibrant design :)

    Come to think of it, it’s really budget-friendly!

    My mouth is watering right now with those photos :D

    I also love to taste those Filipino-Mexican food <3

    Thanks for sharing ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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