Sungayan Grill: Experience the floating restaurant in Bolinao

Before heading back to Manila, my cousin suggested a restaurant where we can have our lunch. We need to have a heavy meal because another long drive were waiting for us.


Sungayan Grill is a floating restaurant in Balingasay River. This river is known as one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines. Also, this is the most recommended restaurant in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Why? Because it looks like the one in Bohol. The only difference is they don’t offer buffet.

bolinao sungayan grill
View from one of the floating huts

DISCLAIMER:Β The water is color brown because of the bad weather when we went there but mostly, it is color green.

This is the floating restaurant in Loboc, Bohol. So beautiful, right?

Let me first tour you around the place. Upon entering, a pathway will welcome you with some views.

bolinao sungayan grill
Entrance to the floating restaurant
bolinao sungayan grill
bolinao sungayan grill

bolinao sungayan grill

bolinao sungayan grill
Stolen shot at the pathway
bolinao sungayan grill

If you have a vertigo, I highly suggest to just dine-in at their restaurant instead of their floating huts.

bolinao sungayan grill
Main restaurant
bolinao sungayan grill
Main restaurant

bolinao sungayan grillbolinao sungayan grillbolinao sungayan grill

They have live band in the restaurant also.

bolinao sungayan grill

But if you’re an adventure seeker and want to experience the floating huts, go and feel free! Yay :)

bolinao sungayan grill
Our floating hut
bolinao sungayan grill
Stolen shot while ordering food. All of us were hungry already that time haha
bolinao sungayan grill
While waiting for the food, take a pose. LOL

For their menu, here it is:


And now, for the main event. The food!!!!

bolinao sungayan grill
Seafood Fiesta (10-12 pax: 2,500 php/13-18 pax: 3,800 php)

Grilled Sungayan, Grilled Bangus, Grilled Liempo, Grilled Squid or Calamares, Steam Crabs, Steam Okra, Grilled Eggplant, Seaweeds Tomato, Green Mango, Padas (Bolinao Bagoong) Alamang, with free 1 platter of rice and 1 pitcher of iced tea

NOTE: Order all you need before your hut leaves because you might regret it like we did. HAHA. Our rice wasn’t enough so we just cry like a baby and just enjoy the remaining food. LOL.

bolinao sungayan grill

The hut is getting pulled by a small boat. I commend the boatmen for being so professional. Even though it’s raining hard, they still dedicated to make their customers satisfied. Plus point for this!

bolinao sungayan grillbolinao sungayan grill

Look who’s enjoying the food. LOL.


Sharing some photos of us inside the floating hut.


Here are some shots of the other floating huts too.

bolinao sungayan grillbolinao sungayan grillbolinao sungayan grill



They take their food into another level! Most of the food in their menu is seafood and grilled food. We got their Seafood Fiesta which is good for 10-12 pax and perfect for boodle fight! All of the food we got were yummy and fresh!


The price here are much cheaper than in Dampa Restaurant because we all know that Pangasinan are abundant in seafood, right? If you are in a group, I suggest to try their seafood fiesta!

Note that if you want to avail that floating huts, there is a 1,000 php fee.


Since they serve the food fresh from the grill, the serving time of the food took us 20-30 mins, I guess? We’re all hungry that time so we’re not quite satisfied with their service. Hehe sorry, hungry pips eh. But I commend them for preparingΒ  the food well.


When my cousin told me that we’ll be having our lunch here, I immediately imagined my first time in a floating resto, which is in Bohol! Ugggh, unfortunately, the water that time was brown because of the bad weather but the ambiance is kinda same in Bohol. You can never go wrong with a good view while having a boodle fight lunch with your family, right?


From Manila, it will take 6 hours to get here. I highly suggest to take a visit here when you’re going to Bolinao. Not recommending to visit here for only a day unless you’re just near the area. The ride were really exhausting.


9:00 AM-8:00 PM, daily




Balingasay, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines


Facebook: Bolinao Sungayan Grill

Instagram: @sungayan_grill


12 thoughts on “Sungayan Grill: Experience the floating restaurant in Bolinao

  1. Nothing beats a boodle fight with your family and friends. What more if the view is scenic! The floating restaurant is a different experience that we should try. I agree, the color of the water doesn’t look attractive but thanks for informing us it was bec of the weather :)

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