Get a 1,600 php discount on AirBnb!

“Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.”

When traveling, aside from I get to visit new places and tourist spots, I also look forward in our accommodation. But did you know that you can still get cheap accommodation yet will give you a comfortable stay through AirBnb?

In this blog, I’ll teach you on how to get a 1,600 php (US $40) discount when you register in AirBnb.


1. Click this link. It will lead you here:

airbnb credits

2. Click the Sign Up button.

3. Sign up using your Facebook account or e-mail address.

4. After you register, open your e-mail account and click the confirmation e-mail from AirBnb to validate your account.

5. After clicking your confirmation e-mail, you will receive a message at the top of your page together with your 1,600 php discount.


  1. This is valid to new users only.
  2. Your 1,600 php (US $40) will automatically credit on your first booking.

What are the benefits if a friend will sign up to my code?

  • Every successful friends who signed up to your code and used their discounts on their first trip, you will earn a travel credit!
  • You can earn up to US $20 that you can use too in your own AirBnb reservations! Your credits will automatically show up after your friend checked out!


See my staycation experiences here using my AIRBNB TRAVEL CREDITS!

  1. NEST Tagaytay
  2. Urban Suites Tagaytay
  3. Rio de Janeiro Tagaytay

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