Casa De Amor: A bohemian-inspired restaurant in Amadeo

Looking for a unique and instagrammable restaurant to dine in and just have fun? Go ahead to Casa De Amor. It’s located in Amadeo, Cavite, a 20-min drive from Tagaytay.

Casa De Amor

Casa De Amor is also known as Casa Del Sol which is a bed and breakfast lodging. This place is very IG-worthy because of its bohemian-inspired rooms. They also cater special events. Just recently, I found out that they opened a restaurant and immediately search it.

They have bands. Not sure though if this is everyday.

Before going back to Manila, I insisted Ian to go here for lunch. We had a hard time reaching the place because of its location. I’ll explain later. Let’s focus first in the place.

Our food for lunch.

On their first floor, you will see a mini bar, some colorful clothes and pasalubongs, cute tables and chairs, and other things that will really catch your attention.


If you want to stay on their second floor, you need to take off your footwear and leave it in the cabinet beside the staircase.sdr

The view from the second floor. Ooops, photobomber alert. HAHA. (iykwim)


In their second floor, I just can’t stop my eyes from roaming. It’s very stunning! If you’re a fan of boho, you’ll surely love this place. It’s made for you. From the pillows, carpets, tables, ceilings, designs, etc. :)


While waiting for your order, you can read some of their books or play some board games.LRM_EXPORT_20180806_092927-01

Their menu has a lot of variants. Here it is:


Now, let’s go the food. Yay!

NOTE: The food that we got weren’t the one we supposed to order. 

Spicy Chicken Wings (220 php)

As per their menu, it’s spicy. But for me, it’s not. Their wings is different compared to other wings that I’ve tried.

Chicken Alfredo (180 php)

This one was a good decision for me! I loved how it was cooked and prepared. The sauce was very creamy. The noodles was quite chewy but it’s okay. The chicken was  tender.

I was supposed to order Pizza but it’s not available yet. I also looked for their Lasagna but isn’t available yet too. So I chose this pasta instead.  And it didn’t failed me.

Calamares (180 php)

Nothing special about this Calamares. It’s just the usual calamares that is serve in every restaurant. I also expected that they will have a vinegar dip tough. Hehe.

Blue Lemonade (65 php each)

Supposed to have shakes but ALSO not available yet. So we got this lemonade instead. The taste was quite refreshing though.





I gave 3 stars because as I’ve said, the food that we got weren’t the one we supposed to order. I guess because we arrived at exactly 12 NN? The food weren’t prepared yet? I don’t know. The food were okay. Nothing special.


The price is just like in every other restaurants, affordable. They indicate the price for solo and for sharing.


Because I’m disappointed, gave 3 stars for their service. The serving time of the food took 5-10 minutes. Though the staff were good. In fact, they are the one who contact a driver to pick up us. NO SERVICE CHARGE!


The ambiance was just perfect. I loved how they recycle things and put them into a creative one! Don’t forget to bring your camera and a good #ootd for your Instagram feed. Also, it’s more perfect at night.


At first, I thought we will have an easy way going to this place. Little did I know that this is located in the hidden part in Amadeo. Not ideal for people who don’t have cars.


11:00 AM-12:00 MN, Tuesday to Sunday

They are closed every Monday.

They are open for reservations.


3083 Halang-Dagatan Road, Purok 6, Brgy. Halang, Amadeo, Cavite

How to go there?

Commute from Manila:
Take Tagaytay Bus, drop off at Silang Premier Mall. Look for a tricycle station and tell the driver to drop you at Barangay Halang, Casa Del Sol.

Commute from Tagaytay:
Go to Mahogany intersection, NBI office. There are jeepneys and tricycles around the area, tell them to drop you at Banay-Banay Alfamart. From there, you may ride a tricyle, tell them to drop you at Casa Del Sol in Brgy. Halang.

As per my experience, we rode a tricycle from Mahogany intersection. No jeepneys available that time, so we had no choice. We’re shocked because the fare was 300 PHP. The driver take us directly to Casa Del Sol. From Casa Del Sol going to Silang Premier Mall, our fare was 160 PHP. Charged to experience!

They are also searchable on Waze and Google Maps. Just type Casa Del Sol.




13 thoughts on “Casa De Amor: A bohemian-inspired restaurant in Amadeo

  1. Every spot in this place looks so picturesque! The exterior looks very inviting and once I saw the pictures of the interior… i dont think i’d want to leave if I was there! I love this blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You took such beautiful photos, that place is really an Instagram paradise! Sorry the food wasn’t as good as the ambiance, but at least you got some good photos out of the experience!

    Great post~ xx Jess

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sayang I just read your blog, we were just at Amadeo this morning & we wandered thru Balite falls (I wonder if it is near). We traversed Brgy. Hugo Perez just on a roadtrip going to Trece. Anyway, will definitely try to visit here.

    Liked by 1 person

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