Bulalo Point: Must try in Tagaytay

Looking for a perfect place for lunch or dinner in Tagaytay? We found this Filipino restaurant along Crossing Mendez. We weren’t supposed to dine here but because I saw online that this is one of the best bulalo resto in the area, we paid a visit and tried their food.


Upon entering, you will see long lines waiting to be seated. Mostly, families are dining here. Luckily, we just waited for about 3 minutes only because we’re only two. Yey!

NOTE: They are jampacked especially on weekends. :)


In the Internet, they said that Bulalo Point have a good view aside from their good food. But when we had our seat, this is the only view we had…


Thought we will have a Taal View but nope. :( But it’s okay, I’ll wait for the food instead.

Behind the scene. LOL

Here is their menu, by the way. We got their Special Bulalo (ofc) and Sizzling Sisig. Woooo… and three rice. LOL. They offer Filipino dishes! Would love to try their Kare-Kare next time! Looks delicious. Huhu.


While waiting for our order, we just took some selfies. Hehe.


And after few minutes, our food has arrived! Yahoooo. Let’s get it on!

Don’t judge our three rice, please. LOL
Special Bulalo (385 php)
Sizzling Sisig (235 php)

Time to eaaaaat. #FEASTINGTIME :D




The food was nothing but great. We only ordered two dishes but we didn’t failed. I think we got their best sellers! Woo. Did you know that we took out our leftovers? Yaaas. That’s good their food was!


  1. Special Bulalo – Legit af! As in! There is something in their soup that drove me crazy. HAHAHA. And not to mention the bulalo itself, so tender!!! 100% authentic!
  2. Sizzling Sisig – Aaaah. This one also! Super good. Their sisig is different compared to others. Very creamy and you can taste real meat!


The price are very reasonable! I find the bulalo a big serving to us though it serves 2-3 people. I think it can accommodate 2-4 pax.


The serving time of the food took 15-20 minutes but it gave justice! Because the food was really cooked well and tasted delicious! The staff were quite busy because of the crowd but they still manage to accommodate each and everyone. Plus, NO SERVICE CHARGE!


It’s a casual alfresco place with a homey feels. Why? Mostly families are dining here. The cold weather is a plus point for me!


Very easy to see because it’s along highway. They have a big signboard so you will find their restaurant easily.


6:00 AM-10:00 PM, Monday to Friday

6:00 AM-11:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday


Phone: 09217341876


Crossing Mendez, East Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bulalo-Point


7 thoughts on “Bulalo Point: Must try in Tagaytay

  1. Bulalo Point – How I wish this resto can give me a discount or a sponsored meal because of the number of visits and visitors I brought here haha. This is our #1 choice of Bulalo Restaurant considering the price & very tasty meals.

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