Lunch at Olives Restaurant

Every summer, my family makes sure that we have a summer getaway. For two consecutive years, our destination was the surfing capital of the North, La Union.

Sunset in San Juan, La Union

Before going back to Manila, we always had our lunch at Olives Restaurant inside the Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point. For those who are wondering, you can enter the Santorini-inspired resort without checking in to their hotels. But make sure that you have a reservation first. Last April 2017, there’s no entrance fee upon entering the gate. But this May (2018), we were shocked when the guards asked us if how are we inside the car so they can give tickets to us and told us that we have to pay 200 php each. At first, we were telling that last 2017, there’s no entrance fee but they explained to us that the 200-php fee was consumable at the restaurant. *sigh*

Main entrance of the resort

As we enter the resort, I was in awe seeing those santorini-inspired villas. I wish I can check-in there soon. HAHAHA.


Okay, so let’s move on to their restaurant. We arrived there exactly 12 NN so we expect a large number of people having their lunch already.

Last May, we dined inside the restaurant and experienced the ambiance of the resort.


While waiting for our food, we took pictures outside. The serving time took 15-20 minutes, I guess?


And after taking pictures, the food exactly arrived one by one. Yay! Happy tummy!


Meet my growing family! Insert *The family that eats together, stays forever* LOL


Sharing you also our experienced last April 2017. Hehe. We dined outside of the restaurant because it’s full inside already.


And here’s our food back then. Yuuuuum!


Just a note, before we went there, we had our advance order already. We gave our orders as we call them for a reservation.

So while we were waiting for our food to be served, we grabbed the opportunity to take pictures around the resort. Yay!


Sorry because I forgot to take a picture of the menu, I also forgot what are the names of the food we ordered. Hehe, my bad.


Food – 

I think there’s nothing special on their food. You can taste it in other restaurants.

Price – 

The price for the food is very pricey for me. I think the reason behind this is because of the place and the beautiful view.

Service – 

The service is good. The staff are very accommodating. About the serving time of the food, it takes 10-20 minutes, depends on the volume of your order.

Ambiance – 

No problem with the ambiance! I enjoyed the view and the restaurant’s vibe. Kinda garden type with a nice background music. Relaxing!

Location – 

Do I need to explain why is it 5 stars? Dude, it’s Thunderbird Resort! The view you will see is just really beautiful. Also, why are we gonna dine in for 2 consecutive years for nothing, right? LOL.


Poro Point Freeport Zone San Fernando City, La Union

Contact them at:




3 thoughts on “Lunch at Olives Restaurant

  1. You should try the Fira as well. It’s a nice place to have coffee and chill with the perfect view of the sea. It’s inside Thunderbird as well, just below by the seashore ☺️


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